A Close-Up Look at Sony’s New Hardware

Kotaku - Today in Tokyo, Sony showed off its latest gaming hardware. There was a slimmer and smaller version of the PlayStation 3 as well as two new PS Vita colors.

The new PlayStation 3 comes in two colors—black and white—while the PS Vita will soon be available in Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue.

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kaozgamer2007d ago

i heard that this new model got no slot loading drive. its got the slide thingy or something like that which sucks

Shikoro2007d ago

Who cares where the discs go in? You're looking at games while playing, not at the drive. :/

darthv722007d ago

looks nice. Maybe later they will make a silver one as well.

SilentNegotiator2007d ago

"Who cares where the discs go in?"

People who want the system to last and worry about the disc loading motor breaking before more important parts of the system, maybe?

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wane2007d ago

New slim looks hideous.

r212007d ago

It looks sleek except for the middle part.

tubers2007d ago

Except for the non color matching buttons.

Falconer2007d ago

Love the red and blue VITAs.

thehusbo2007d ago

Really nice. Looking forward to buying the new ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.