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The New Devil May Cry Will Live Up To Its Name

Furious Francis explains why the New Devil May Cry game will be better than a lot of the naysayers think. (Capcom, Devil May Cry, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

CustardTrout  +   742d ago
"Twilight" is not vulgar, it's true.
New story level, that might work - Ninja Theory are good at changing stories, Enslaved was based off some ancient story but I think they adapted that well.

The whole defence for your piece is that "People like it" though, I'm still in two minds. I'm wagering they'll whack on a skin pack at some point for like £10 which includes the original Dante, that's the Capcom way.
FinaLXiii  +   742d ago
People will forget this game after a month or so its such an irrelevant Devil May Cry game for the fans in general from the way i see it.

PS All Stars Battle Royalle will be just a reminder for this game´s existence in a year or so.
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TronEOL  +   742d ago
This is only true in the sense that it happens for all games. I "forgot" about the other DMCs after about a year. The only time I remember is when I see something DmC related. This game will be remembered for the same amount as any other game. And will be remembered longer by the DMC fanboys (not fans, there's a difference) since it apparently destroyed (made better irl) their lifeblood.

But to each their own. I'll (along with many other proper gamers) be playing a fantastic video game, regardless of the title, while those children sulk over hair styles and compare it to random pop culture.
Lord_Sloth  +   742d ago
Yes because if we have an opinion about a change we're not proper gamers. We can only be true fans if we agree with you.

Seriously, shut up. Your arrogance is annoying.
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Kratos_GodOfWar  +   742d ago
the gameplay is getting better hopefully this game can prove me wrong because I dislike the shit outta the new dante
Summons75  +   742d ago
it hasn't up till now and it won't when it releases. Stop lying to yourself so you can feel justified playing this terrible terrible game.
Carl_Shocker  +   742d ago
I know...nothing I've seen makes me think it will be a good DMC game. I mean it looks boring, dumbed down and slow paced...thats not a DMC game, not by a longshot.

I feel the only people defending it are the people who feel the need to get involved and defend something for the sake of it.

Lets not to mention the New Dante is an arsehole, F word there, F word here then flip someone off, it's horrible and nothing like Dante. The writting seems crap aswell which dosen't help the game one bit. NT are tyring to hard while insulting the old games to make theres seem better. I mean is that a developer you want to support.

I honestly have an funny feeling Capcom might pay off a few big reviewers or shower them with gifts to make them give it a good score after all the backlash over it...they can't risk this game getting crap sales.
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ziggurcat  +   742d ago
how is it terrible? are you basing that ill-informed opinion on actual experience playing the game or are you just one of those butthurt DmC whiners that can't deal with a few changes in the character model?
Summons75  +   742d ago
uh no it's more than just "the hair" but your probably a dumb troll who can't read a damn argument in the first place. I've watched the interviews and gameplay videos this is NOTHING like Devil May Cry. Slow dumbed down combat vs the old fast pace combat which needed skill to get a good score. the art design is horrible, Nina Theory can't write a good story to save their life, and yeah the character designs suck but what's worse is their personalities are not like the ones we fell in love with.

If your for this abomination of a game than I can not wait for your favorite franchise to get a reboot like this and I will watch you complain about it.
rezzah  +   742d ago
It will live up to itself as its own game (which doesn`t actually mean if it will be good or not), not as a original DMC game.

4 repetitive hits on a boss and you get SSS...I think the first one gave the player an A on the first one too.
Fishy Fingers  +   742d ago
Most of the previews with hands on time are largely very positive, but it seems a lot of people made their minds up based on his new hair cut.
rezzah  +   742d ago
Surely does seem to be so based on your perspective.

Truly people are ignorant to all views of perspectives and possibilities. They, such as yourself, only want to see what they choose to see.

If you have really been on N4G since the announcement of this game, and have been reading comments, you should know the other side by now (not yourself).
Fishy Fingers  +   742d ago
rezzah  +   741d ago
Don't worry you do not have to think about my comment at all based on your seemingly limit of understanding.
Tonester925  +   742d ago
So everyone hates the new Dante because of a haircut and he got younger?

lol man people cry about anything.

He already has 4 games where he looks the exact same. It's time for a change
vork77  +   742d ago
no we hate the new dante because he look and act nothing like the the old better one
Carl_Shocker  +   742d ago
"So everyone hates the new Dante because of a haircut and he got younger"

Wow...people don't have a clue do they

Take a look around the web over why people hate DMC and you will see a ton more reasons.

If you think it's because of the hair still then you obviously don't have a clue whats going on.
Kratos_GodOfWar  +   742d ago
It not look or the haircut is the fact he talk like a boy in a man body make wanna mute his voice lmao
The_Klank  +   742d ago
I'm looking forward to this, played every DMC and loved them, hopefully this will continue with the reboot.

I know this gets alot of hate but I loved Heavenly sword aswell, with Capcoms backing it could be great, my fingers are crossed.

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