Dear Mr. Najberg; an open letter regarding WSJ's Borderlands 2 review

Harrison Engstrom writes; "Dear Mr. Najberg,

I’m writing to inform you that First Person Shooters have come along way since back in the day, often a Saturday, often a night rather than a day. Halo, created by Bungie, became a great staple in the diet of many console and PC playing fratboys at the turn of the century. The college players who had less time to study and more time to shoot each other over archaic internet connections and curse at one another. A time long before Call of Duty Elite, Premium Packages and subscription services. "

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shodan742274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

The review in question really is bizarre. Comparing Borderlands 2 to COD, and heavily criticizing it for lacking the same kind of competitive online multiplayer, is pretty bad form.

Borderlands 2 may feature FPS action, but it's a completely different genre at the end of the day. And I'd take Gearbox's shooting, looting, side-questing and exploration-based co-op over COD's team-based deathmatch any day of the week - especially given how entertaining and colourful the gameworld is.

Dms20122274d ago

There is a difference between grammatical mistakes and poorly written, this would be the latter. Furthermore, why on earth is this author defending a game they have yet to play? I love me some Borderlands, but don't be silly.

Laxman2274d ago

He wasnt defending the game, but rather pointing out the ignorance and stupidity of the poor review Najberg wrote.