Review: Ecolibrium - the best freemium game ever? Well, yes! (Vita) | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Without spending money to hasten the process of populating your ecosystems, Ecolibrium is a very slow-paced title, taking literally weeks to build up properly. Far from being frustrating, I can’t think of a better reason to pick my Vita each day."

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r212276d ago

:L why is this game not on my country's store yet?!

a08andan2275d ago

I've downloaded this game to my Vita. Anyone know if the "Platinum Package" in the store makes all Platinum creatures available or if you only get to pick 1 platinum creature? Same question for the other packages as well :)

grailly2275d ago

I tried buying a bronze package, I wouldn't recommend it. you just get 6 cards radomly chosen. you mostly get bronze cards but you can get a silver.

grailly2275d ago

it's a fun game but in no way a 5/5. It's free you should try it, for once a game makes good use of near. the bidding store is fun to.