TGS: Soul Sacrifice Delayed

IGN - One of the PlayStation Vita games we've all been looking forward to is Soul Sacrifice, but tonight's PlayStation Tokyo Game Show press conference brought some bad news. The monster hunting co-op game has been delayed until 2013 in Japan -- making the western release even farther off. Keiji Inafune made the announcement at the conference, before showing a new trailer.

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ddurand12038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

that was the blow that killed my vita, unfortunately. After seeing what CODeclassified had to offer, killzone and soul sacrifice were the only games i was really waiting on.

Its a great piece of hardware, I just dont use it asmuch as i anticipated. when im out and im about, im out and about. I dont have time to be playing games. And when im home, my ps3 suits all of my gaming needs.

goodbye vita, hello 2-3 games from gamestop.

it was nice while it lasted, and ill probably grab another a few years down the road.

boybato2038d ago

You should consider getting LPB. That game should hold off until Soul Sacrifice arrives. haha

ddurand12037d ago

i own LBP for PS3. I only play it with my fiance, never alone.

i was actually excited for LBP. but it just doesnt get enough use to warrant purchase

sikbeta2038d ago

This game will be crushed by MH4 if it's released in the same period, they're insane...

DivineAssault 2037d ago

LMAO!!! funny comment & ill bubble up for that.. U must be insane! but u made me laugh so ill give it to u

smashcrashbash2038d ago

That is unfortunate. I really liked how it looked but that gives me more time to save up for my VITA. Should have it by then.

Relientk772038d ago

Hopefully its early 2013, and not later

majiebeast2038d ago

No point in rushing it out when it isnt ready. But it looks amazing already from that new trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.