Marvelous announces new Vita games: Valhalla Knights, Senran Kagura, Oboro Muramasa

Marvelous Entertainment announced three new titles for the PlayStation Vita during Sony’s TGS 2012 presser.

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DaThreats2217d ago

Keep them Vita exclusives coming

Griffin48712217d ago

Muramasa was originally only on Wii.

ronin4life2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

And Senran Kagura is a 3ds port...
Unless this is a spinoff or something.

NewMonday2217d ago

Oboro Muramasa: The Demon Blade will be great

played the original game on the Wii, same as Odin Sphere

Oboro style is the strongest

but whatever happened to Dragons Crown?

Hisiru2217d ago

and Valhalla Knights 3 is also going to be released for PSP...

There is no exclusives..

NewMonday2217d ago

at least the games are optimized for the Vita and it's 5'OLED screen, not just emulated PSP games

Knushwood Butt2217d ago

I thought Muramasa was a Wii exclusive?

Griffin48712217d ago

It wasn't made exclusively for it. It was just made.

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ritsuka6662217d ago

This is not exclusives you noob,Muramasa is a port with new content, not a sequel. Anyway, pathetic conference for Sony...

Godmars2902217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Strangely I wish Oboro Muramasa was being offered on PSN/playable on the PS3.

Oh wait - haven't they had the ability to port PSV/PSP titles to the PS3 since announcing the PSV?

WTF happened to that?!

NewMonday2217d ago

they want more games on the Vita only at this point

Sanquine902217d ago

where are the new games then?

dark-hollow2217d ago

Do they even care about the vita anymore?
most of the games shown for it were ports galore.

smashcrashbash2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Yeah, were you under a rock for all the games they showed before TGS? Not mention they just gave us Cloud,Gaikai and Plus for the VITA. What are you going on about?

@ newmonday. Nothing. It's still coming.

dark-hollow2217d ago

besides soul sacrifice there is no interesting vita only game shown/mentioned at the conference IMO.

Freak of Nature2217d ago

If this TGS showing is any indication the vita is in trouble, that was a dismal showing games wise...

Where are the new IP's?

Hicken2217d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't ports what make up the largest portion of any new system's library, especially during the first year? And haven't plenty of exclusives already been announced? And aren't there already plenty of features and games available right now?

one2thr2217d ago

Your correct, its just that a,vast majority of human beings this time a around are lacking common sense and the ability to think on their own before they pass judgment on particular matters. Such as this one...

boybato2217d ago

how come you guys are so disgusted to ports being made for the vita when you defend them so much for the wiiu?

Studio-YaMi2217d ago

Well said !

Not that I myself wouldn't love to have new IPs,but I know for sure that they are coming soon,so having something is much better than having NOTHING ! :|

ronin4life2217d ago

WiiU isn't out yet. The Vita has had half a year of business to acquire fresh software lineups from devs, and this is what we have been shown so far.
By this time the 3ds was swimming in exclusive game announcements for itself.

smashcrashbash2217d ago

Nintendo can do whatever they want and if you complain their fanbase will cut your throat. The VITA has a whole bunch of new IPs and people descend on it if even the slightest hint of a port appears.

Studio-YaMi2217d ago

Didn't see you complaining about the Wii-U ports .. not that I'm trying to start anything,but just saying !

So does that mean Nintendo don't care about the Wii-U anymore !?

DivineAssault 2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

your a hater dude.. Whats 3DS got? 10+ yr old ports & virtually no new IPs.. im not even going to click disagree.. Ill let everyone else do it..

The funny thing is that alot of vita games look btr graphically than wii u titles lol.. Hell vita has cross game chat, multitouch OLED screen, & trophies so its got better features too! It has more 3rd party support too lol.. Im happy i sold Muramasa for wii.. Its going to look btr on vita & have trophies

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Sanquine902217d ago

Huh , are these new games?> Anyway i love to see some new games.

Chapulin2217d ago

Woot!! new Moster Hunter for the Vita.

Sanquine902217d ago

Where where? Really? hope its true:(

Chapulin2217d ago

Sry it was God eater 2.

ThePsychoGamer2217d ago

They never showed Monster Hunter for the Vita, sure your not confused with God Eater 2?

Studio-YaMi2217d ago

You got me pumped up -_- DAMN YOU !

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