The PlayStation Vita Now Comes in Red and Blue

Kotaku - What, you didn't think Sony was going to let a press conference go by without announcing new PlayStation Vita colours, did you?

On sale November 15, Sony will be offering Japanese customers the Vita in Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue.

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-Mezzo-2157d ago

This is great,

But I've never bought a Console, Smartphone, Tablet or any other Gadget in any other Colour than black.

DaThreats2157d ago

You should try pink dawg
It'll look good on u

SactoGamer2157d ago

+1 bubble for you, good sir, for your affinity towards a black PS Vita.

Thatguy-3102157d ago

marble blue would look pretty nice. Wonder why colored ps systems are never sold here in the US

GuyManDude2157d ago

Off the top of my head the PSP sold in black, white, silver, red, blue, green, and purple in the US.

Sony consoles on the other hand...

rainslacker2157d ago

I've always like the crisonish red color that sony has on their peripherals. Was hard to tell if it was like that from the live video though. If that was available in the US I would replace my current Vita with it, just because the black one attracts fingerprints like a semi-cute girl attracts fanboys at comic-con.

ThanatosDMC2157d ago

Sad day for an early adopter like me. I wanted a red one like my old God of War red PSP Slim.

avengers19782157d ago

to bad they didn't do this day one, You know when I bought mine. Dear Sony, Please send me free Blue PS Vita, and I will send mine to you.

tachy0n2156d ago

you can just buy skins off the internet!

there are skins even for the PS3 and PSVita.

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SactoGamer2157d ago

Goodness no. I'll stick with black, thank you very much.

Godchild10202157d ago

I want a red Vita, but the White one will do fine for me.

George Sears2157d ago

The only color I would consider besides black for a handheld would be a a silver grayish one. Besides that, all the rest of the colors just make it look lame imo.

Freak of Nature2157d ago

Black, white, blue, red, purple, spotted, striped whatever...I want more games...TGS is here, where are the games? That show was horrible Vita game wise...

MySwordIsHeavenly2157d ago

I assume you don't speak Japanese?

Freak of Nature2157d ago

Actually I am proud to say I speak 5 languages, and partially speak a few more than that, but Japanese has never been high up on the priority list...

Shikoro2157d ago

I speak 5 languages, too, but that's beyond the point and I get what you're saying. This show is JAPAN-FOCUSED, or if you people don't understand that, aimed at the Japanese public with its products. Every year it seems that people expect megatons for the western audience which just doesn't make sense.

While we're at the topic, I do speak Japanese and what I saw from people's comments on the stream is that there's a bunch of titles the Japanese are looking forward to. We already have a nice number of games announced, and there will be even more come next year. :)

Freak of Nature2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Disagree central...

Fact is...I love this little system. I guess Sony doesn't...

Vita needs a price cut. Ports of old PS2/PS3/PSP games will not cut it. As long as PSP dominates the Vita, developers will NOT develop games solely for the Vita.

competent competitor to the 3DS, I think not!I and I am not a owner of the 3DS) And a worthy successor to the PSP, NO WAY! It's clear that it's a bust. And believe me I want it to be a winner, but it looks dismal at this time, and I see very little bright spots for it's future, this show showed me the light, the writing is on the wall, face it.

Soul sacrifice is a start, but wow, a real downer...

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