Resident Evil 6: 14 Reasons Why It Sucks

WC - The fact you’re alert enough to be reading this suggests that you’re probably aware that the Resident Evil 6 public demo dropped on PSN and XBL this morning, and has already been met with an extremely mixed, some might even say overwhelmingly negative (depending on where you read) reception. Sure, it was plastered with the typical label that it isn’t necessarily representative of the final product, but then, why bother putting a demo out at all?

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DaThreats2039d ago

You Can Move While Shooting
Is a stupid reason
Alot more people will complain if the characters dnt move

crimsonfox2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I remember everyone throwing a tantrum when 5 came out and you couldn't walk and shoot, People are freaking annoying.
The only things on this list i could agree with is the "zombies with guns"...and maybe the camera. I noticed it was kind of awkward in the demo while running,But I'll just have to get used to it.I'm still looking forward to this game screw "what culture" and their annoying 14 page articles with one or two paragraphs on each page.

crxss2038d ago

3 of the biggest beefs i have with the game (which can all easily be remedied)

1) aiming speed is SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW and can't be configured

2) can really only sprint straight (meh this one's not too bad)

3) sprinting up or down stairs is slower than walking???? what's that now capcom???????

pixelsword2038d ago

You'd think if they were smart enough to operate guns (load, reload, aiming, sights and I'm assuming proper gun care/cleaning :D ) that they would do stuff like drive cars, organize into armies, and shop for good deals on

I think we can find a truce here somewhere.

Bathyj2038d ago

Bob fired a gun in Day of the Dead.

Of course, he found it loaded and he'd had previous training when he was still a breather.

StanSmith2038d ago


You can change the aiming speed. The pause menu is muddled up beyond belief.

You have to go into the section that has an eye (the name escapes me) and I think it was in the right hand column, 2nd from bottom. Took me a while to find it.

I'm a little disappointed in Resi 6. Before playing the demo, it was a day 1 purchase. After playing the demo, i'll pick it up when it's a lot cheaper.

2038d ago
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doogiebear2038d ago

My main beef is that u can get by just by using melee attacks. I rarely needed to shoot. Do a 3 hit combo and its a guarunteed kill. WTH, I was wondering if I was playing Resident Evil, or Dead Rising. It was a pretty game, but the exploitation of melee attacks is too much to ignore. I'll pass. Rather get Playstation All Stars and Persona 4 Arena. For action needs, Battlefield 3 is still going strong.

cruxito2038d ago

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TXIDarkAvenger2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

You can move while shooting is a valid reason, that is if Resident Evil 6 was actually a survival horror. Reason being is not being able to move while shooting causes more suspense making the game a tad more scarier and making it more true to the survival horror genre.

But like you said, lot's of people did complain on the fact you can't move and shoot in the previous RE titles which is probably why they changed it.

unkn0wn2038d ago

You state that as fact. Which is stupid. An arbitrary comment to say the least, or maybe I wasn't aware I was reading a comment from the survival horror genre police.

BitbyDeath2038d ago

You can move and shoot in the silent hill games and they are some of the scariest games around.

Not being able to move and shoot is just unrealistic.. and annoying imo

Qrphe2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

The major reason why you couldn't shoot while walking in the old games is because the first PS controller didn't have sticks (meaning no precise shooting) so they had to improvise.

BinaryMind2038d ago

14 reasons? They couldn't think of one more thing to nitpick about?

Of course, I didn't read the article because any story that spreads their articles into 14 pages just to get clicks is not worth my time.

neogeo2038d ago

Yeah but can you chew gum and shoot?

geddesmond2038d ago

The demo was complete garbage. RE4 was the last great RE. The camera is way to disorientating

otherZinc2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Yes! I didn't buy RE5 due to the primitive no move & shoot controls. Now that's fixed, I may buy now. I beat all RE games except RE5

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wanieldiik2039d ago

Have to admit that the demo was better than the full Resident evil 5 game. But still, the demo wasn't that good.

Biohazard88602039d ago

Ill have to disagree re5 was def better than re6 demo....

pompombrum2038d ago

Haven't played the demo for 6 and don't plan to but RE5 demo was pretty good.. shame the demo was like the only decent part in the whole game.

xflo3602038d ago

honestly the demo sucked has the worst enemy a.i ever! I counted 6 occaisions where i was literally standing right in front of the enemies and they didnt even notice me it was embarrasing for capcom.

i loved 5 but this is now a not buy for me.

Blastoise2038d ago

Dude that avatar is boss lol.

On topic : I wasnt sold on the demo at all, everything was very...clunky. Aiming felt weird, it was all very closed in and the sprint was annoying.

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FinaLXiii2039d ago

i have 14 reasons to not click on that article.

14 f&&(/)ing pages!

bitboi2039d ago

agreed! I stopped after page 5. why would they make it a 14 page click thru is beyond me. I know most folks checking out that article are not gonna click thru 14 pages to read one paragraph.

csreynolds2039d ago

Web hits, my friend. That's the only reason they do it. I got to point 3 before closing my browser...

Goldenarmz2039d ago

i didnt even make it past the first 1. Once i saw i had to click to page 2 i closed the tab.

pixelsword2038d ago

...And people wonder why a lot of posters don't read the articles.

cruxito2038d ago

great article, indeed was a pleasure to read such an exquisite well written game related article. WE NEED more of its kind, everyone thought gaming journalism was a JOKE but after reading this, it seems there are some good-NO BIAS- journalist out there.'
IGN/GameInformer could learn from it.

Kratos_GodOfWar2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

14 Reasons Why It is better then re5

Adexus2039d ago

I actually really enjoyed the new demo, got a feeling I'm in the minority though.

HiddenMission2039d ago

Actually your not it's been in the top 100 on Amazon's pre-order list for over a month and currently sits at number 17.

True fans of the series are loving it and the loud mouth haters make it seem like they won't buy it and that it sucks. Truth is they will buy it and it doesn't suck.

In all my years here and on other gaming social sites I've come to find that roughly 90% of comments come from people who can't afford the games at full price, are new to gaming and think CoD is god of gaming, are under 15 and yet know everything about gaming except who actually makes the games and last but not least have opinions about everything that they know nothing about.

What to take away from this people who hate do so to get attention because they don't get it where they want it so they are miserable and don't want to be alone so they try to make others just as miserable.

Imalwaysright2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Im a fan of the series and you know what made me a fan of the franchise? The atmosphere, the feeling of stress, uneasiness and loneliness playing past RE games. I sure as hell didnt became a RE fan due to explosions, gun fights against zombies with machine guns and rocket launchers and playing with superhuman mutants on steroids accompanied by another superhuman on steroids. Where is the feeling of being afraid to enter a room not knowing what im going to find inside? Where is the stress of not knowing if you have enough ammo to finish the game? Where are the mind crushing puzzles? I became a RE fan when it was a SURVIVAL HORROR not when it was turned into a generic TPS shooter. You go ahead and buy a subpar TPS. I dont tend to buy subpar games and when im in the mood to play a good action TPS Ill just play Uncharted, GeOW or Max Payne.

pompombrum2038d ago


Please define true fan of the series. As a true fan of the series and someone who was hooked from the very first opening scene of the first resident evil, I must say that after the E3 footage of seeing a zombie get his head literally kicked off, I haven't so much as bothered to read any more info. Not hating on you, I'm just curious as to what it is about this game that true fans can get excited about.


Spot on with everything you mentioned as to why RE5 was a pile of rubbish. I couldn't believe they had those zombie like things carrying rocket launchers.

TheF3AR2038d ago

I agree with all you said. Call of Duty is not the god of gaming. Honestly, it needs to die. Other games that are 10x better are lost in the shadow of that game.

Captain Qwark 92038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

despite the annoying format the author uses, i dont disagree with a single point he made.

i also agree with everything imalwaysright said.

that said, even though id prefer the games to go back to what they used to be ( RE1-3 ) it is what it is, no amount of whining is going to change that. ill buy this one and although i likely wont enjoy it as much as the old ones, ill likely enjoy it as much as 5, which was a decent game.

perhaps one day ill get lucky and they will make an RE game with resident evil 4's updated gameplay and polish, objectives and atmosphere as well as boy/girl campaign from RE2, and a nemesis like boss from 3. that, imo, would be the perfect RE game. no more firefights, no more co-op nonsense, no more Micheal bay action scenes. survival horror with those previous things i mentioned. until then, ill play w/e rubbish they put out

Tdmd2038d ago

"True fans of the series are loving it..."

Just what in the friggin' hell are you smoking, son?!

Sithlord-Gamble2038d ago

I also agree with imalwaysright.

Ive played every game in the series, and for the most part i liked them.
After playing RE6 demo, unfortunately, this will be the first RE game i will not be playing/buying.
It just simply doesnt feel like RE anymore.
Sorry Capcom, u wont be getting my money this time.

LUV_DA_BOPP2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

@HiddenMission, dude your my hero

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