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Relientk771978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Awesome news

Can't wait for November, on top of all the games this season

zoks3101978d ago

Free for current + members.

Gaetano1978d ago

I thought it already had? Some games on the Vita PS store have Plus pricing already?

blitz06231978d ago

You're right, this announcement is basically for people who don't own a PS3 and thus have no PS+ because IIRC you can only get the PS+ subscription in the PS3 PSN store?

admiralvic1977d ago

They sell codes, but I do believe you need a credit card listed at the time of the transaction. (even with a code)

boybato1977d ago

@those with current plus subs

what sort of discounts do they currently offer for the vita?

I somewhat love having a physcal rather than a digital copy. do they apply discounts to psp games/ps1 games as well?

FragGen1977d ago

Discounts are not the only "feature" in Plus, so, no, you've only had a subset of it to date.

yesmynameissumo1978d ago

Time to get a bigger memory card.

DivineAssault 1978d ago

Once gaikai is added to the mix, theres going to be a nice little ecosystem with ps3 & vita.. Then adding PS4 to the mix.. going to be sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.