Yahoo! Games Reviews: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Yahoo! Games: "Two flamenco guitarists board a bus headed north. If it's three o' clock in Georgia and five-thirty in Singapore, what color shoes are they wearing?

Stumped? Then clearly you've not spent enough time sharpening your wits with Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and for that, we must scold you. As charming as it is challenging, Nintendo's latest Japanese import is a delightful point-and-click adventure game overflowing with mind-bending puzzles and oozing with a unique sense of style. "

"Professor Layton isn't just a collection of mini-games -- nearly every inch of the game is fashioned into some sort of puzzle. You'll piece together a painting by finding bits during your journey, tinker with odd mechanical gizmos, even decorate your humble abode with found furnishings. Of course, you'll eventually run out of conundrums, and while Professor Layton lets you replay puzzles to your heart's content, there's really no point once you've figured out the trick to each one. But to keep the game from the back of your closet, Nintendo is releasing one new puzzle every week for download over the DS Wi-Fi network. It's a thoughtful and welcome gesture."

* Graphics 4.5 stars
* Sound 4.5 stars
* Gameplay 4.5 stars
* Story 4 stars
* Interface 5 stars


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Lord_Ash3784d ago

I'm sold on this game, but I also want to see how Nintendo handles the DLC, and will they make it free or charge for it?