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ThePsychoGamer2194d ago

Pricing seems a bit weird, I would think they would want to release models with very little memory to be able to sell them at the lowest possible price while allowing gamers to upgrade the hard drive when needed.

-Alpha2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

I was really hoping for a price drop. How many new owners seriously need 500 GB at the end of the generation? Seems like now would have been the best time to cash in with a really low price and a modest harddrive size. I really did think low priced hardware bundles was going to be their big thing for the holidays, I'm actually pretty surprised. Why does only Europe get the 12 Gig?

NovusTerminus2194d ago

I agree. And since I have a PS3 I can upgrade to a 1TB HDD for cheaper then buying this one.

wicko2194d ago

I'm getting close to my limit on a 320GB that I installed - but I deleted some install data for games I won't ever play again.

Rumor2194d ago

Yeah How about a price drop? I'm like 98.34 % sure people won't actually use a half of a terabyte Sony!

Actually I could care less. I have my ps3 already.

Xof2194d ago

The 360 and Wii may be over, but the PS3's generation is far from over. It's 2012 and 2013 line-ups are just as strong if not stronger than any other year in its life-span.

Just because YOU want the generation to be over so you can masturbate to shinier graphics does not mean the rest of the world is.

CDzNutts2193d ago

Who said we were at the end of a generation?


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Thatguy-3102194d ago

F**k YEA!!!!!! Digging them ill be getting myself the 500gb one. Was also hoping for a price drop but who knows maybe they'll announce the 12gb close to the holiday season.

Jamzluminati2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Really Sony? Why didn't you release the 12 flash in the US? Most Americans are easily fooled by the price, so you need to go for their ass.

WAIT! Sony is gonna let this launch at the beginning of Oct, thus after seeing how it goes for almost 2 months(Black Friday week), they will drop the prices to 199 for the bundle and we'll probably get the flash version too.

Relientk772194d ago

The new PS3 looks awesome, and I love the bigger hard drive

Xof2194d ago

I like the white model (I've liked all the white models of every gaming console, actually; shame most of 'em stay in Japan).

But I'm not very fond of the "ridges" on the top. Or the fact that there are still only two USB ports. Seriously, Sony, you were too cheap to do more than 2 USB ports? They cost next to nothing!

dark-hollow2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

I thought the point is to make them cheaper not the opposite.
Especially this late of this gen.

DivineAssault 2194d ago

i put a 500GB in mine years ago.. They shouldve released the flash memory 16GB so ppl can do continue doing that

RmanX10002194d ago

Since i dont own a PS3 that 500 GB is looking awfully nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.