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First photos of the new PS3 model

Take a look at the first photos of the just-confirmed new PlayStation 3 model. (PS3)

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Omar91  +   922d ago
im liking the new style. just wish it had a price drop
Chitown71291  +   922d ago
Yea that wouldve been killer.....What the hell is Sony waiting on? People will be buying those things like crazy at that price

@Omar : Haha yup ! I feel ya dude.
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Omar91  +   922d ago
yea I mean they kind of dropped it there in my opinion. I just wanted them to drop the price so that my friend buys a ps3 lol. lets see what he says when he hears about this.
pixelsword  +   922d ago
Sony hardly ever drops something until it's way too late to be something convenient; just like other price drops, this one will probably come after christmas.
BattleAxe  +   922d ago
This was designed by Aliens.
zeeshan  +   922d ago
Hmm... how do you insert the disc? Those pictures are on white background so a few details get lost in the contrast. Would love to see some sort of video or something.

Amazingly, they didn't drop the price! I was expecting to see a sub-$200 PS3 this TGS. Maybe around holidays we'll see some great bundle deals. There is indeed a "slim" chance for that :)

Edit: Found better pictures guys. Take a look...


Looks like the disk slot will slide open. Also, in those pictures, it doesn't look that small WTF?
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mdkgod43  +   922d ago
@BattleAxe i agree with you dude, sony is the only company that can do this does anyone wonder why? because they use alien tech point blank
darthv72  +   921d ago
I will take
the white one please. No need to gift wrap it, I will play it here.

I will say this though. To the collectors out there that like to buy up all the variants, sony has made it really hard to keep up with all the systems they release.
inb4its2late  +   922d ago
I agree the new style is very sleek and nice in design. Shame no price drop though. But hey at least they added more HD space.
kneon  +   922d ago
But it also appears that you can't upgrade the hard drive anymore. The wording of the announcement sort of implied this and now looking at the photos I don't see any access panel for the drive.
IRetrouk  +   922d ago
They say you can use any 2.5" sata hardrive in the 12 gig one, but that you have to buy some sort of adaptor or you could buy the dedicated 250 gig drive Sony is bringing out, I'm gonna get a white 500 gig one for my bedroom
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kneon  +   922d ago
That's good to hear, they didn't make it clear that you could still upgrade the HDD and the fact that they are selling a separate HDD for the first time got me skeptical.
WeskerChildReborned  +   922d ago
Same, something where most people will be able to afford it.
BrunoM  +   922d ago
Damn I'm loving the look .. One thing I think all of us can agree be Xbox or Nintendo fans Sony does put out some sexy looking hardware ...

I like it .. If my ps3 ever dies (b4 a ps4 is given a date) I will for sure be picking one of these up
BrunoM  +   922d ago
Lol I was wrong about us agreeing that Sony makes some sexy looking hardware (ps3s tvs bluerays etc) atlest from the disagrees looks that way ...

Well in any case I like the look of the new disine ..

And kool ps plus coming to vita on November
SAE  +   922d ago
Maybe you got disagrees because they didnt like how you write ..

Or you didnt put a dot in the end of your talk ;)
linkratos  +   922d ago
I disagree about their home consoles (other than this model), but the Vita looks amazing.

Although I did not disagree with your comment, just to be clear.
BrunoM  +   921d ago
I have no problem with people disagree with what I said it would be nice tho if people would comment and make their point so it would be a discussion ..

But then again I been on n4g for many year don't Coment at all and don't know why I would be expecting actual debate/talk ...

Any who in my opinion looks good ..

Oo ya these twiter user on jun6 had already tweeted te new ps3 look @PsVGeneration
SilentNegotiator  +   922d ago
So now that there are PICTURES of a slim and small ps3, I wonder if fanboys would still take a dump on me for saying that slim was disappointing because of how freaking wide it was, like they did 3 days ago.
Kurt Russell  +   922d ago
I just wish they made a stackable version... I have the slim and because it has a curved top everything slides right off it! :D - Hardly a real problem I know, it just would have been nice.
TheMrMadzen  +   922d ago
showtimefolks  +   922d ago
i don't know why y'all think its time for a price drop but when both ps3 and xbox360 are still top selling consoles why would they drop the price?

a slimmer version

an instant win. I think if there is any price drop it will be at GDC for sony and E3 for MS.

Sony usually show few surprises at GDC or TGS
andibandit  +   922d ago
Top selling, or just selling equally bad. Nintendo already showed that there is a much bigger potential market out there.
DragonKnight  +   922d ago
@andibandit: Nintendo showed that people will follow celebrity endorsements and fads. Look at the state of the Wii's 3rd party support and core offerings. Look at the fact that the casual market is very fickle and the Wii fad will likely not be reproduced for a very long time. Casual gamers won't see the need to upgrade. Why would they if they have a console that still works and plays the games they already own? They'll simply migrate to facebook games and more cellphone games. Nintendo knows that the reliable money comes from the core market.
Muffins1223  +   922d ago
omg i just sold my old ps3,perfect timing :D
Bloodraid  +   922d ago
Eh, I'm not really digging it, personally.

I loved the design of the original PS3, and thought the slim looked alright (though I still prefer the fat). This design just looks terrible.

Hopefully the PS4 doesn't follow Sony's recent trend of making their consoles look uglier.
auen1  +   922d ago
what they might do instead is drop the price on the current ps3 slim. after that inventory has cleared, they'll probably drop the price on this one.
AO1JMM  +   922d ago
Prices are not low enough for me to justify upgrading to this from my currently broken (rlod)40gb fat ps3
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MobyRoyale  +   922d ago
I'm not sure if that's technically upgrading. That sounds more like replacing.

Don't misconstrue what I am saying though. I am not arguing your decision to do without a PS3. I am simply pointing it out my friend.
SilentNegotiator  +   922d ago
It's both replacing and upgrading, Mr. Semantics.
ExCest  +   922d ago
@^ It's uplacing! (or regrading, or placegrading, or gradeplacing. pick your poison)
KwietStorm  +   922d ago
If you haven't upgraded from a 40 gig by now, I don't think anything would have convinced you.
AO1JMM  +   922d ago
Keyword: broken, otherwise you are right I wouldnt buy another PS3 as it played blurays and games fine before RLOD struck.
DragonKnight  +   922d ago
Ummm. YLOD? RLOD implies that it still works. You know, red light means it's in standby.
LOL_WUT  +   921d ago
I don't think he ever had one! Ha
Xof  +   922d ago
Nice! When's it coming? Is it the speculated flash-memory thing, or will it take a 500GB 2.5" SATA drive like the older models? North American release when?

This isn't idle curiosity: my PS3 went all YLOD-happy on me a couple of weeks ago and I've been -waiting- for news of this new model.
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NeotheGamer  +   922d ago
and the point of this is?
DwightOwen  +   922d ago
To distract you from the fact that there are STILL no significant new games coming to Vita and that the PS4 is NOT coming for the 2nd straight year.
MasterCornholio  +   922d ago
Oh wow so Assasins Creed Liberation isn't a significant new game. I would have mentioned Little Big Planet Vita but since it's out I guess it doesn't count. And Soul Sacrifice doesn't count either because it's only comming out in Japan.

Anyways doesnt seem like a more logical reason that Sony is releasing this new model to combat the Wii U?

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NeotheGamer  +   922d ago
Maybe i could see a point if they lowered the price to around 199$ but as is, no one except morons will say "Hey, look at this! a new PS3 model..lets get this over the Wii U even though its the same price and 6 years older"
Xenomorph  +   922d ago
Killzone vita, the last of us, disagree
ExCest  +   922d ago
I think Persona 4 is significant, even for a remake.
sikbeta  +   922d ago

Duh, to selling at higher price? :/

They have completely lost it, 6 years after original release and the best idea they had was to actually Increase the price of the new model, as far as I can rememeber the last PS2 redesign was cheaper and not the other way around...
CBaoth  +   922d ago
Relax man
Sony will follow what MS has done the past two years. At Xmas, they'll put it on sale for $50 less. It's a strategy that's worked wonders for MS the past 2 Xmas, keep the price the same, but do a temporary price drop at the holidays. Remember last year's $99 Kinect? Sony did it on a smaller scale last year; 250gb PS3 with 2 games for $249 and we sold all 25 units in 2hrs.
DaThreats  +   922d ago
Looks like the PS2 slim
first1NFANTRY  +   922d ago
too bad i already got a phat launch ps3 otherwise i would have bought this new design.
snowman2149   922d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
LongTimeNoSeeN4g  +   922d ago
What's up with Sony releasing new systems with horrible prices? Didn't they already cash big in 2006? jeeze!
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Monkeycan8  +   922d ago
I remember you and I disagree because you were/are a troll.
Honky Kong  +   921d ago
Monkeycan8  +   922d ago
I think it looks nice just the price ehh. :/

I already have The Fat ps3 and the Slim but I may still get this Ultra Slim one though.
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Honky Kong  +   921d ago
you might as well collect em all... right?
Monkeycan8  +   921d ago
yea lol :P
TheLyonKing  +   922d ago
1. Phat Design
2. Super Slim
3. Slim

the order how good looking each iteration is.

This is a day one purchase for me :D
MadMen  +   922d ago
not digging, i like the current style
Omnislash  +   922d ago
You know its almost the end of the gaming generation when sony busts out with their slim playstations...

Funny thing is that they are still selling PS2 slims lol
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bahabeast  +   922d ago
the ps3 is 250 how much lower do you want it????
SAE  +   922d ago
They should have showed us the ps4 instead of this , but i know that sony will sell ps3 for more then 3 years , so its cheaper for them
DwightOwen  +   921d ago
The PS4 isn't coming, not for another 3 years at least. Sony can't afford to lose money on the hardware it sells anymore, and that's how long it will be before Sony can sell a system that can play Samaritan and make a profit on it. They're going to milk the Vita and PS3 for all they can in the meantime.
RedSoakedSponge  +   922d ago
tbh, im getting sick of companies making multiple versions of the same console unnecessarily. if they put that effort into making the new ps4 we might have it already! DX
Rhythmattic  +   922d ago
Officially Announced the eve before TGS.. Bizarre... Why not on opening day?
Tiqila  +   922d ago
Why there is only black and white?

i want colors, like n64 (:
dazzrazz  +   922d ago
This looks like Atari 2600
SkullBlade169  +   921d ago
Nah. The 2600 is more stylish.
Dr Face Doctor  +   922d ago
That's tacky like someone found the case in a time capsule from the mid-90's and decided to cram the PS3's guts into it.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   922d ago
It has the look of an old school Rockford Fosgate car amp to me. Looking in the pics for the subwoofers. One sony product that was never up to standard was the xplod line of amps/subs. Lol.

My launch 60gb has been freezing a lot and nearing the end of its life. Using my slim now and have been waiting for this announcement hoping that maybe a 199 tag would make an appearance. Guess I will wait to see what the 12 gb model retails for here in the states and possibly will just add my 500gb hdd in that.
PirateThom  +   922d ago
"owners of the 12GB model will be able to connect a 5 inch SATA internal hard drive with use of an official Mounting Bracket, or opt for purchase of an official PlayStation 250GB internal HDD"


So, it's still able to use standard HDDs but needs an official mounting bracket?

Ugh, why was the current idea not just acceptable?
auen1  +   922d ago
it looks like sony took a cue from microsoft...f'n bastards -_-
AznGaara  +   921d ago
To be fair at least they're giving us an option of just buying any HDD we want. We'd just have to buy a mounting bracket. Those who are lazy or people who just lack information could just see the Ps3 branded HDDs and buy them.
r21  +   922d ago
Looks neat but the middle part of the new ps3 looks kinda odd.
Erudito87  +   922d ago
i hate you sony why so many models why not make the first one slim!!!!!!!!!
ExCest  +   922d ago
If the first model is a slim, then what would it be called? A normal?

I'm kidding, it gets slim with new technology. You can't put what doesn't exist into a console.
Erudito87  +   922d ago
i know but each new model makes me hate my fat model more and more
mdkgod43  +   922d ago
Why dont north america never gets a white ps3 SMH @ Sony
josephayal  +   922d ago
This Model Looks way better than PS3 SLIM
JAM_brz  +   922d ago
I Liked it.

But its just me that liked more the 1st one PS3 model? Despite the size.
ame22  +   922d ago
This late into the cycle and Sony are willing to push out a re-release could only mean that Sony are in no hurry to release a PS4, a 2014 release window at earliest sounds very plausible. On a side not, the thing is screaming "I'm sexy!", feel almost like they brought a 70's vibe to it with their design. Very sleek.
Getowned  +   922d ago
I want a PS4 :[ I have enough PS3s.

It looks good though, If I ever need another I'll get one.
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So BF4 will suck for console owners..


Since 64 bit uses 4+ gb ram even the wiiU will be behind since it sadly only have 1gb.

New ps3? meh. That's like apple showing a new ipad 1 with the same 2007 tech.

Just drop ps3 price and bring ps4 so newer games won't suck.
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mcgrottys  +   921d ago
you are kinda right but are wrong. 64 bit has support for 4+ GB of ram but does not need it. 64 Bit is an architecture for CPU's. A bit is either a 1 or a 0 (binary). the 32/64 bits for a CPU mean that they can process 32/64 bits at once. Imagine doubling the lanes on a highway.

Also I believe that the 64 bit requirement is just for PC's because some people are still on XP and Dice just don't want to have to optimize their game for both 32 and 64 bit architecture because its just a big pain.

I do have to say though I wouldn't be surprised if BF4 is nexgen only but the reasons wouldn't be just because of 64 bit because I believe that the 360 and PS3 do have some equivalent but I don't know much on the cell or PowerPC CPU's.
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AngelaDickinson22   922d ago | Spam
mdkgod43  +   921d ago
are we gettin the white ps3?
sly-Famous  +   921d ago
Damn thats sexy! Where does the disc go? tray or loader?
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