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Another Tuesday, another PSN store update. This one is special though since it has a demo for one of the most anticipated games of 2012. No, not Assassin’s Creed 3! Resident evil 6, man!

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mafiahajeri1985d ago

Everything was good but damn they messed up the gun play it's so bad the guns just don't pack a punch their like toys. I'm not going to talk about the story because they messed it up I just wanted a game to hold me off till late October and November and this want be it sadly.

Lord_Sloth1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The guns are at their weakest in the demo. I'm sure that once upgraded they'll be dishing out the pain we're all used to.

mafiahajeri1985d ago

Did t noe that I hope your right I might give it s chance then.

GammaSix1985d ago

i enjoyed the demo. Ill pick this up once the GOTY edition comes out

ChipChipperson1985d ago

"The biggest gripe I had with the demo was the fact that you couldn’t pause the game."
If anyone is wondering, you actually can pause in the demo, but what you need to do is set the Network Selection to Offline. Note: This only works when you are playing by yourself.

"The gun controls are different because there is no laser sight like there was in Resident evil 4 and 5."
Go into the options, controls, and set aiming reticle to classic. You can choose laser color under game settings. You can also change these during gameplay.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the demo. I loved playing as Jake because it was satisfying to finally play a Wesker-type character in single player, while being able to utilize his awesome hand to hand combat. I was just disappointed it wasn't the Ustanak section.

BX811984d ago

Thanks for the tip. Some thing about that demo had me half in/out on this res. game.

LUV_DA_BOPP1984d ago

you could set the laser to be like re 4 and 5 its in the options