What has happened to 2D Mario games? (And how to “fix” them!)

NintendoEverything's Austin: "Chalk it up to “atmosphere” if you’d like, chalk it up to music or “heart” or anything else truly intangible– and I’d certainly be hard pressed to disagree with you– but I think the big difference between the two “chunks” of Mario’s 2D history can be boiled down to how memorable it is."

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LX-General-Kaos2280d ago

You simply can not fix what is not broken

GenHero2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

but you can still improve it

Xof2278d ago

No, but it could be improved. Not the mechanics, mind you, but can you imagine if the next Mario game combined the 2D and 3D platforming elements seamlessly, and had a level editor like LBP?

That's the problem most people have with mario. Sure, Mario perfected platforming ages ago. But the mechanics are the -only- thing that's perfect.

mike1up2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Yea Super Mario needs fixing, and I mean FAST!

The last thing that any developer wants is a game that sells millions for over two decades.

*Actually reads article*

...yea, Super Mario World was way better.

ChickeyCantor2278d ago

It could use some better music.
Not with nostalgia goggles. But the tunes from the past are so much, so so so much better than the music in de latest NSMB games.

The feel of the whole game is different. They are Mario games no doubt. But the speed and feel of the old ones are also better.

I just wish they did a full 2D mario game( art wise) in the style of SMB3 or something awesome like that.