Take a Listen to the New PlayStation All-Stars Theme Music

Sony’s upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is nearing release, and the European Beta went live earlier today. With that beta comes a new menu music that is on a whole new scale of epic. Between the chants, awesome drum pounding and that epic “BATTLE!” scream, players may find themselves left at the main menu screen for eighteen minutes (note: that’s how long the video is.” For players who want to get a gander at this new song, take a listen below. It is indeed well worth it.

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TheFinalEpisode1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Sounded like "SQUIRTLE!!!!!" to me the first time I heard it xD

-Mika-1978d ago

Im srry but Smash bros brawl theme is better. This just sounds so boring and generic. I expected better Sony. You guys are usually excellent when it comes to putting good music in your games.

blitz06231978d ago

your trolling is boring and generic

-Mika-1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Im not butthurt. I just personally think brawl has the better menu theme. It fitted the game perfectly and it was an epic song. This on the other hand is just not exciting.
Honestly compare this
to the song above. It just honestly better.

@ klank

I haven't heard the levels songs but I will look out for them. I just haven't been feeling the music for this game overall. From the trailers to this. It just hasn't been memorable or exciting.

MaxXAttaxX1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Why such a specific comparison? The music isn't even trying to be anywhere near similar to SSB's. Doom music is better than Halo's because they're both the same genre. Come on.

This is their first game.
Do you remember the first SSB theme? Yeah...

dboi7871978d ago

And here is where it begins...

The_Klank1978d ago

This is just the Theme, the songs used in the levels are much more inspired.

jujubee881978d ago


... That does not mean you should ACTUALLY start some beef.

Talk about salty.

*shakes head*

salty, salty, salty

Nimblest-Assassin1978d ago

There are 2 things wrong with your comment

1) Sony is not responsible for the music that goes into the games they publish, thats all up to the studios who make the game... this is all on superbot

2) The smash bros brawl theme is an orchestra, filled with opera, and its there third game... remember the melee and og smash bros theme

Studio-YaMi1978d ago

You know,I wish superbot gives us a cool intro like the Super Smash bros Melee one,I really like how it felt like an RPG intro than a fighting game intro .-. ..!

I wish I wish I wish u_u !

Omar911978d ago

I know your trolling hardcore, but I still have to agree with you. Although I enjoy the new theme song they have, it doesnt compare to brawls epic theme song.

Afterlife1978d ago

It's true, Brawls music is on another level. The only one that can top Brawls music is themselves. This is coming from someone buying this game on day 1.

live2play1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

i agree

but i dont think people(ps3 fanboys) are willing or wanting to admit it

you cant win everything guys

im a nintendo fanboy at heart
but i can see and admit nintendo has had alot... ALOT of shortcomings compared to playstation and even xbox

Lockon1978d ago

Mika must be on her Period.

first1NFANTRY1978d ago

reported as trolling. go back to your cave heathen.

live2play1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

yes brawls music is on another level of epic
BUT you do not need to be an ass about
people 'could' have agreed with you, but you had to go and be a d!ck about it

and brawl was the 3rd try
this is ALLSTARS first and its not bad at all

MySwordIsHeavenly1978d ago

Brawl's music was alright, but it's nowhere near as good as something like Halo, Resistance 3, Killzone 2/3, or Gears of War.

I personally think this theme is better than Brawl's.

Qrphe1978d ago

This is a better theme than Melee definitely but you're right about Brawl. Brawl's theme was composed by m*thaf*ck*ng Nobuo Uematsu himself!

This All-Stars is pretty epic though.

Studio-YaMi1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I like both tbh,I just feel the brawl theme kinda outdated now that's all,still like it anyway,this all stars theme on the other hand I think is more modern and hip @^@ ! My opinion though,you know like they say :

"Different strokes for different folks" :)

THESONYPS31977d ago

Are you kidding me? This sounds 100x better.

Alkaline12401977d ago

If they had an epic sounding symphony for the theme, nintendo fanboys would just say it's another thing sony is copying. You know it to be true.

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Relientk771978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

at 0:20 the person screams battle

Relientk771978d ago

I was merely pointing out when in the song he screams BATTLE, for those who wanted to kno


RmanX10001978d ago

This is awesome. I love it.

smashcrashbash1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Epic music. The more I hear about this game the more I want it.

@ RmanX1000. Probably

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