Daily Reaction: Sony, TGS Predictions, and The Last Guardian

With Sony’s TGS show only hours away, Daily Reaction breaks down what our expectations are for the last big game show this year. We talk about what surprises the PlayStation platform holder will have up its sleeve, as well as what new titles we hope to hear about. As this is the last major show of the year, it could be a defining moment in how this generation comes to a close.

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doctorstrange1915d ago

I want more of everything.

dbjj120881915d ago

Beggars can't be choosers. I like it.

guitarded771915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Here's the niconico Japan link for the live stream... so we can all try and figure out what the hell they're saying together.

DaThreats1915d ago


doctorstrange1915d ago

I only want the former, but not the latter.

Foolsjoker1915d ago

I'll take what ever is in the middle...

ZoyosJD1915d ago

You know you'd take sloppy second or even thirds and still love it.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Foolsjoker1915d ago

Sony really needs to use this show, with Nintendo coming around the corner, they cannot give up Japan completely. They need to really push some titles like Monster Hunter, or Final Fantasy to really keep the Vita pertinent.

doctorstrange1915d ago

Final Monster Hunting Hearts Fantasy Quest

ftwrthtx1915d ago

Is there any truth to the PS3 Xtra Slim?

Foolsjoker1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Well given how much Sony can hold a secret, and the amount of rumors surrounding it. I say yes, we will see it during TGS, hopefully in Black and in White.

ftwrthtx1915d ago

I wouldn't mind having a white Xtra Slim PS3

PshycoNinja1915d ago

I just hope Square decideds to show up and be like:

"Alright guys heres Versus XIII and Type-0 for Vita. Now quit bothering us please! They will release on XX/XX/201X.

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