Reality Check: The Truth About "Perverted" Japanese Games

Several years ago, American game blogs and forums exploded with scandal at news of a Japanese game called Rapelay. It was exactly what you'd expect from the name: an adventure/visual novel title in which players assumed the role of a serial rapist, assaulting a family of women (and girls) the ran the gamut of anime archetypes, from busty older lady to the weeping preteen. The general response in the West, unsurprisingly, alternated between titillated amusement and genuine outrage. But at both ends of the spectrum, a single common undercurrent unified the reactions: Oh, Japan!

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omarzy2280d ago

Cultural Relativism: One cannot judge a cultural except by its own standards.

Hicken2279d ago

Too bad all the self-important moralists out there can't seem to understand that.

luoshuigui2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

You do realize that even Japanese people(or normal Japanese people) condemn the perverted side of their ACG(Anime/Manga/game) culture?
Search for Tokyo Governor, Mr Shintaro Ishihara's TMORHDY(Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths) bill, which passed in 2010.

hazelamy2279d ago

so if one culture states that women are considered little more than property, and they do exist, we have to judge that culture by it's standard?

it's ok to them so we have to accept it?

you know what i say to that, HELL NO.

there was a culture that thought owning slaves was ok at one time.
was that ok?

DragonKnight2279d ago

Actually yes you have to judge it by their own standards. You have no right to tell any people that any part of their culture is wrong. Because for them it isn't wrong. It developed over centuries of time. It's up to them to grow out of or move on from any aspect of their own culture. Several cultures thought owning slaves was ok btw. Slavery had existed for centuries. Revolts usually ended it but revolts are part of cultural growth.

Who is anyone to decide that their morality, their moral code, is the standard by which all peoples should live? That kind of arrogance is what began slavery in the first place. And now to show a nerdy side, Star Trek's Prime Directive is the right idea. Look at what interference and cultural suppression did to the Natives of the Western world.

Just because you or I may not agree with something, does not give us the right to tell an entire culture that their way of living is wrong. They have to decide that for themselves.

linkratos2279d ago

@DragonKnight that sounds nice in theory but do you think slavery or child labor exploitation is right in any context? Or is that okay as long as the standard's of a culture say so?

DragonKnight2279d ago

@linkratos: doesn't matter if i agree with slavery or not. it's not up to me to tell people that my values are right and their's are wrong. afterall, pretty much all cultures have had similar values at one point or another. all cultures thought at one point that slavery or child labour were not wrong. all cultures have to be given their own time to grow and move on from those.

it's the same concept as vegans/vegetarians telling the omnivorous populous that their consumption of meat is wrong and they are butchers and murderers of animals. vegans/vegetarians do not have the right to tell anyone what to eat and berate and attack those who don't conform to their ideals of what is right and what is wrong.

hazelamy2278d ago

i get you point about imposing my values on other people.

but when it comes to human rights there are universally agreed standards that should be applied, just because this society thinks they can treat one part of their population like property and have done for centuries, doesn't make it right.

we can and should tell these cultures that their way is wrong when it denies people their basic rights.

and vegans trying to tell non vegans that they shouldn't eat meat is a million miles away from somebody telling another culture they have to give their people basic human rights.

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iWishTifaWasReal2279d ago

Great Read.

worth reading unlike those other gaming sites' articles.

3-4-52279d ago

We are the most sex filled country...and we have the nerve to call them perverts ? lol

Look at our reality shows...

NiteX2279d ago

Yeah, to be fair we are both equally as horny of nations. I think US women are far more hornier than Japanese though.

Kos-Mos2279d ago

Crap article, written by a teenager (that`s ok) but with a teenager mind(not ok).

HarryMasonHerpderp2279d ago

I want a new parasite eve game.

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