Why free-to-play could be just what Nintendo needs

While the divisive energy systems that ask players to wait or pay to continue their game might seem like the antithesis of the Nintendo way, you need only look at the friendly warnings in games like Wii Sports Resort to see that Nintendo isn’t comfortable with its consumers playing for too long in a single session. And are such restrictions too different from the likes of Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, which prevents you from taking more than one brain age test per day? Or eShop title FreakyForms, which limits the number of creations a player can make in a single session? Pre-installed 3DS software like StreetPass Quest and Puzzle Swap are built in much the same way.

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1upgamer992279d ago

I for one want to buy games that are complete. I don't like "free to play" on my PC, and I surely don't want it on my console. Free to Play= RIP YOU OFF. I want to purchase my games, and if there happens to be an UPDATE in a few months that I might want to add, GREAT but Micro transactions take away from the games. I mean buying a song for your guitar hero that was not available at the release is different than purchasing a weapon REQUIRED to beat a boss!

Ducky2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Free To Play =/= Pay To Win

You're buying incomplete games anyways with all the DLC milking that has become the norm.

1upgamer992279d ago

So you would rather PAY to complete a game, than oh I don't know just buy the game and play it till you win without the BS of having to constantly purchase stuff...DLC is the norm BUT free to play and DLC are not the same..Free to play means you enter the game for nothing and everything you need to progress in the game cost MONEY. Do you not see the difference?

Ducky2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

That's not what free to play means.

It would help if you read the article... or if you just looked at any popular F2P game like TF2, Tribes, Dota2, APB, etc.

sikbeta2279d ago

Free to play will only work for those established games, If every dev jump in the F2P wagon, you'll see how many games will fall and only a few will stick for the people, kind of Angry Birds, there are thousand of mini-games, but the one that take it all is Angry Birds

live2play2279d ago

all this is just ruining the image of games
this and app stores games

people now got it into their heads that
games are now just throwaway cheap $1 things
and anything above that is asking too much

Meep2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

It depends of the game. The one game that I can say is awesome that is free-to-play is League Of Legends. League of Legends is the BEST example of a free to play game I can think of, and it is the game that all other free-to-play games want to be. The game started out free-to-play, and has made billions.

"Free to play means you enter the game for nothing and everything you need to progress in the game cost MONEY"

NO. This is completely wrong. You do not have to spend a dime on the good free-to-plays. Good free-to-play games only charge on cosmetics. The way you progress in the game is like any other game. You play more of it.

Perjoss2279d ago

Free to play is ok I guess, but I want a quality product, and I don't mind paying for it.

1upgamer992279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Really? If I am wrong here is a link to "Free to Play" games.
See how far you get without opening your wallet.

s45gr322279d ago

The biggest pitfall with free to play games is lack of balance meaning were you as a gamer has to spend money in order to advance say game plus if the game is designed for the gamer to pay in order to succeed. With that being said I am looking forward to Hawken yes its free to play and well I did talk briefly with Khang Lee creative director of Hawken at this years comikaze. He is eager to make innovative titles and talking that during the nineties mech games were very popular. He disliked the motion controls for steel battalion. All in all I played Hawken for 15 minutes and it was awesome great looking game and it seems it will be very customizable. In conclusion free to play is just another videogame business model some games are of quality and don't rip off people others are pay to win rip off games just like the retail model some games are incomplete i.e. Lost Planet 2 others rip off consumers i.e. Marvel vs Capcom 3, COD (cod elite, outrageous prices for map packs no map editor to speak of), etc.

vork772279d ago

pokemon online we need this for the wii u