Xbox Live update: what's new this week?

It's an XBLA-led party on Xbox Live this week, with Jet Set Radio, goofy platformer Hell Yeah! and high-kicking remaster Marvel vs Capcom Origins doing their utmost to weasel pounds from pockets. Might be a good time to pick up some Deus Ex add-ons, assuming you're not saving cash for Borderlands 2's Season Pass and Battlefield 3's Armored Kill pack.

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Losyak2044d ago

I love how this news is barely getting any attention, while 4 hottest topics on this site are about PlayStation

jetlian2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

lol they got 9 out of 11. then they try to say its not a sony site.

didnt know jsr was only 10 bucks and raw looks decent

Ben_Grimm2044d ago

Of course not, the hottest articles are about the same damn thing. Multiple articles stating the exact same thing about the slim.

I have already stated that Nintendo and MS get no love UNLESS they are getting sh*tt*d on or compared to Sony.

Funny though multiple negative articles about sony = Media is biased

Multiple positive articles about sony = Party in the streets

Losyak2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

MS and Ninty get enough attention here on N4G. Proof: in last 24 hours there have been 286 articles published about PS3, and 265 articles about X360. Not a huge difference.
It's really nobody's fault that Sony just headlined TGS, while both 360 and U are having a slow news day. And my original comment's purpose was to satirize that fact.

ALLWRONG2044d ago

Welcome to N4G

Watch next week one negative Sony article will get through and they will all scream "the media is out to get Sony"

Ben_Grimm2043d ago

MS and Nintendo may get the same amount of articles I'll never argue that, I'm just agreeing on how MS or Nintendo hardly get the attention a Sony article gets on this site.

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Jazz41082044d ago

Its so obvious this is a sony site. I cant say anything negative about Sony even when its true and Im jumped with zillions of disagrees. If you talk positive about xbox you get debubbled. The daily headlines are always covered in sony crap. There is alot of negative sony news out there as the company is in trouble and sony fans on here take that out on ms fans. Its redicoulous and biased and i would not even use this site if it wasnt for some of the real news i get without looking everywhere. I do however really despise the ethics of this site and its fans.

Losyak2044d ago

ahahaha, i bet you're speaking from experience you only have 1 bubble! you know what, you have a point, and I genuinely feel bad so I'll give you a hand and bubble you up. You're welcome.