What We Should See in Persona 4: Golden For the Vita

Persona 4: Golden promises to bring a terrific experience to the Vita. What can we and what should we expect from this great game?

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CaptainSheep2282d ago

This game will be a huge success and I'm sure it'll be one of the best games on the Vita for a looooong time.

smashman982281d ago

The game is out in Japan so what I can tell you is there is no actual multiplayer only a button that when pressed heals other players and yourself

Snarkasaur2281d ago

Yeah this article hopes for some ambition, when all they really ever planned on doing was porting a great ps2 game. Which is frankly all they need to do. Save the innovation for Persona 5.

George Sears2281d ago

The game is already out in Japan with all its new extra features so I don't really see the purpose of this wishlist.

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