Obsidian Entertainment admits that they were pressured to release their games before they were ready

DSOGaming writes: "At long last everyone, we have a confirmation of our earlier statements (about publishers pressuring the development studios to release their games even when they’re not ready). In a Reddit IAMA discussion, Obsidian’s Engineer, Steve Weatherly, admitted that the company faced some external pressures – in the past – to release their games."

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NYC_Gamer2281d ago

I can't support a studio with the horrible track record as Obsidian

come_at_me_bro2281d ago

Obsidian's track record is fine. They have extremely intelligent game designers working with them, many who've worked on some of the best games made in the 90s. The problem is, however, they're usually pressured into cutting content, limiting their vision, using properties they don't have control over, or releasing their games early. Project Eternity is a chance for them to have complete control over their development and they deserve a chance to shine.

dedicatedtogamers2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )


Seriously. Obsidian has an incredible legacy of games they've made. Even their "duds" are decent games with a lot of ambition (Alpha Protocol, New Vegas, KotOR II). Or perhaps you haven't heard of Fallout 1 and 2? Or Icewind Dale? Planescape: Torment? Or how about Arcanum? No? OH, I'm sorry. If a developer doesn't hit a home run on consoles, it isn't worth paying attention to, right?

SHeesh, they can't ALL sell out and lose their talent like Bioware did, ya know? At least Obsidian still has some soul.

Pintheshadows2281d ago

I want to give your comment an affectionate hug. Those were the glory days.

kostchtchie_2281d ago

well said man, obsidian have great back log of games like you said, and yeah AP could have been more if they had more time, and i own that game and still play it, it is great little rpg tps

New Vegas as much as the crappy Bethesda engine is, there game was the version that truly captured the original fallout humor of the originals

and for there new kickstarter project, we will see there true colors shine once again hopefully as they build and make the game they want

vortis2281d ago

Too bad you missed the Golden Era of gaming bro, Obsidian rocked the boat back then.

Athonline2280d ago

Bethesda is now a money whore... Obsidian was one of the best RPG companies, KOTOR II is still my favourite RPG!

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PirateThom2281d ago

Alpha Protocol is the most disappointing game of this generation... not because it was bad, but because, with the right polish and more time, it could have been one of the best games of the gen. Something just went horribly wrong.

Pintheshadows2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I echo your sentiment entirely. Alpha Protocol was a brilliant concept. I still loved it, even though it had many shortcomings. I do have a soft spot for the under dog.

I like Obsidian and think the criticism aimed at them is unwarranted considering the actions and track records of other developers.

For example, it was clearly Sega's choice to release Alpha Protocol in the state it was. I'm sure Obsidian didn't want to release it like that.

Why can't publishers understand time is important when it comes to game development. Ask the developer if they think it's ready. If they say no, don't rush them into releasing an unfinished game.

Obsidian would definately be in my fantasy developer league.

calis2281d ago

Definitely. The idea was great, the execution wasn't.

morganfell2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Well Thom for once I can't agree with you. Many of the issues in the game had nothing to do with polish but were instead erred choices made in the initial design. The logic of their Dialogue Perks is a classic example of this issue.

The Razor Wit perk is awarded because you chose a joking response 10 times. Nothing wrong with that but what does Razor Wit provide? -5% Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Clearing and Focused Aim cooldown. What? How in the hell is there a logical correlation between dialogue choices and shooting ability?

It's this type of nonsensical design that was prevalent throughout the game. Never mind the bullet sponges, complete lack of blended animations, or some of the lowest res textures this generation, the core of the game, the RPG element, was completely out of whack. While an action RPG set in the modern world of espionage is a golden goose idea, the cornerstone execution from the first white board mark was all over the map.

As regards blaming other people if it really mattered they should have said something at the time. Instead the money mattered more so what does that tell us about the character of Obsidian's Management? I really detest these people that want to take the money up front and then cry later. The world's oldest profession is rife with such attitudes.

stuntman_mike2281d ago

it wasnt just alpha protocal but kotor 2 sith lords the game didnt even have a proper ending and the amount of stuff they cut out the game would have been huge and just as epic as the first game, but it ended up a broken mess. to be honest i think they are awesome ideas handled by a mediocre development team.

DaReapa2281d ago

I would love to see them take another crack at Alpha Protocol. There's some serious untapped potential in a proper modern-day RPG.

Lord_Sloth2281d ago

I loved AP and was deeply upset by it's lack of dev time. I agree, with more polish, it would have been amazing.

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GameOn2281d ago

would love a new alpha protocol.

QuantumWake2281d ago

Unfortunately this game didn't really do well sales wise. On top of that, it was published by Sega and if you've been following the Bayonetta 2 exclusive drama, Sega dropped support of the IP. We may not see the light of day of another Alpha Protocol unless Obsidian finds another publisher.

Chard2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Let's hope they don't let the same thing happen to their South Park RPG

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