PlayStation Store Update 9/19

The weekly PlayStation Store update has arrived, with Borderlands 2 included as well as other titles for players to pick up.

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BigPete79782045d ago

I'm thinking of picking up the digital version of Borderlands 2 because PS Plus members just got the first for free.

DivineAssault 2045d ago

sweet mother of jesus! Thats a lot of content

josephayal2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

nice update for PS-VITA owners

Xof2044d ago

lol, yeah, but that's probably because most PSN updates for the Vita have been a fat lot of nothing. Hell, Sony couldn't even be bothered to give us new pointless crap like the constant avatar/theme/whatever updates the PS3's store gets every week.

IAmLee2044d ago

where the heck is okami? :(

Xof2044d ago

The same place it's always been: on the PS2, on the Wii, on the DS, and on the PS3 in October.