Videogamer Turok Interview

Turok hits UK stores this Friday and Touchstone is hoping the next-gen re-imagining of the series is a big hit with gamers. Videogamer caught up with Joel Manners, Game Director at Propaganda Games to talk the new Turok, online features and the Unreal Engine 3. Online play is key to a successful FPS these days. How have you found working with Xbox LIVE and PSN? Are both games shipping with the same features, including co-op?

JM: There is a strong multiplayer aspect to the game with 16 players supported. We have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Assault Capture The Flag, War Games and Co-Op modes. Not only do you play your human opponents but the dinos will be there too adding to the mix. These features are for both PS3 and X360 versions.

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