God Eater 2 heading to Vita

God Eater 2 was initially announced for the PSP. It’s now coming to Vita as well.

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GribbleGrunger2044d ago

This is good news for the Vita in Japan. This game will create a spike (nothing extraordinary but still a spike) The more spikes the Vita gets in Japan, the better that average will be once the sales settle. Of course, the one big spike that would help Vita maintain a high average for quite a while would be Monster Hunter, but all these little spikes are welcome. Why am I interested in Japan? because the better the Vita sells in Japan, the more likely it gets plenty of JRPGs... and they're loved all over the world

Niyari22044d ago

Is anyone else elated by the fact that the Vita is getting games now?

dragonyght2044d ago

the only problem they not not coming soon enough, its great news never the less

Spenok2044d ago

Absolutely. The more games the better. While the first had its problems and definitely wasn't the perfect game. I found I enjoyed the first God Eater. So this is good news indeed.

Niyari22044d ago

Speaking of Gods Eater, would anyone reccomend. Lord of arcana?

DivineAssault 2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

The little engine that could.. Vita has a lot of games & a lot more coming.. i hope my 3DS didnt use up all its steam.. Zelda, metroid, (maybe castlevania), & its over..

Stephen55432044d ago

I just recently bought a Vita, and I've been searching everywhere for a list of exclusive games that are coming out for it that look good (and by exclusive I mean something that won't be available even on the PS3). I've not found a lot. Could be that companies are just keeping things to themselves and then plan on showing off games right before they announce them.

As far as the 3DS is concerned, Nintendo announces things quarterly for their systems. Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Castlevania, Code of Princess, and Fire Emblem are coming out for the system. Like I said though, after those release they'll issue something like a Nintendo Direct and announce more.

Back to the Vita games, I promise I'm not trying to troll. If anyone would like to point out some good exclusive games that are coming out for it, I encourage you to do so. I just haven't been able to find many games that are. Tearaway, God Eater 2, and Phantasy Star Online 2 are so far the only ones that have caught my eye.

DivineAssault 2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

AC Liberation, Soul Sacrifice, Little King Story, LBP, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Killzone, COD, Silent Hill, Douro, Ragnorok Odyssey, emm theres more but i cant think right now.. Luigis mansion, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, & Fire Emblem all seem like recycled last gen games to me so vita putting out PS3 games w cross play is much more attractive.. I wont buy anything up there except castlevania & code of princess..

Add virtues last reward, dust 14, phantasy star online 2, tear away, & puppeteer.. Crossbuy added means buy ps3 version n get free ps battle, sly 4, ratchet n clank, warriors liar, dragons crown, & a few others.. PSN, PS1, & PSP games.. wow u couldnt find any???

Stephen55432044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

LBP, Gravity Rush, and Uncharted all are great games, but I was referring to new ones only. I guess it's subjective what we'll find interesting. Nothing wrong with differentiating opinions.

AC Liberation looks ok at best so far. I'm waiting for the reviews on that one. I'm not a fan of Killzone or Silent Hill, and CoD looks terrible on the Vita. I'll have to loook into Soul Sacrifice, Duoro, and Ragnorok because I never heard of them.

I can perfectly understand why someone would enjoy Cross play and Cross Buy. Definitely neat features, but they aren't something that excites me for a new game. Just my personal opinion, but I mainly play portables for the games that I can't play on other current gen systems. If I'm going to play a game on my PS3, I'm just going to stick with playing it on my PS3. It's just the way I do things. So all of those games that I'm going to get for my PS3, I don't count towards the list of Vita games....because I'm not going to play it on my Vita regardless of me having it or not.

I will say that I've been playing PS1, and PSP games on it and they are nice....but again, I was asking for new games that aren't available elsewhere. Not a rebuttal that lists the features of the system that I already know about. I love the Vita for those reasons you listed.

To you, the 3DS games may seem like recycled last gen games (and Animal Crossing I'll agree with), and I respect your opinion....but to me they look new. As far as preference is concerned I don't really understand not liking them but including Little Big Planet and CoD on your list of games to be excited for, or even being more excited to have the ability to play a game from the PS3 to the Vita over having actual new games to play on the console.

The games that I look forward to on the Vita look great, I was just asking for direction to see if there were more exclusives coming to it that looked good....and you've pointed out that there really isn't. Not within my tastes anyways. But, like I previously said, nothing wrong with differentiating opinions.

Stephen55432044d ago

.....and just as I make those statements a lot of cool things get announced as TGS. ;) I guess that goes back to my initial comment where I said they could be keeping things to themselves.

Hicken2044d ago

You asked for a list of good exclusives, and there you have one in DivineAssault's comment(though CD is looking pretty average, in my opinion). You didn't ask about games you were interested in- and who knows that but you, anyway?- but games exclusive to the Vita that look good. And if you never give a franchise a chance, how will you ever become a fan? I wasn't a fan of Killzone, either, until I played it. The one coming for Vita looks great. So does AC.

Then there are three exclusives you disregard though you say you've never heard of them, a few others you disregard altogether(by saying "I was just asking for direction to see if there were more exclusives coming to it that looked good....and you've pointed out that there really isn't"), and you disregard all the cross-play games because it can be played on your console or on the go? The first party titles in that category are free, which is an added bonus, and I don't quite understand why you wouldn't play a "PS3" game on the go if you liked the game and COULD play it on the go.

And you just bought your Vita, so Uncharted, LBP, and Gravity Rush are as good as new to you.

Really, why are you so picky? Especially when many of the 3DS games mentioned fit squarely into the same categories as Vita games you've dismissed.

Something just sounds odd in your comments. I'm not sure exactly what it is, though.

Stephen55432044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

@Hicken my statement for saying that I was asking for exclusives games was solely directed towards the games already released and the other games coming out that are either cross platform or not exclusive. After I made that statement regarding those I went into reasoning for the games that he listed as to why I wasn't excited for them. They weren't supposed to be taken as statements that were connected.

My closing statement definitely did make it sound like I was dismissing the games that I was unaware of, but I wasn't. I mainly pointed out that besides the games that I brought up there wasn't any interesting exclusives coming. (which in my first paragraph of that reply I said that I realized that that was completely subjective)

I get it, people have differences in views and opinions. I was simply stating mine towards new games for the Vita. Like I previously said Cross Buy is a very neat feature, but I specifically stated in my first comment that I wasn't asking for those games. I'm aware of the features that the Vita has, and it's something that I think the system is awesome for having them.

My statements may seem off because I retorted his suggestions, but I acted in such a way because I asked for new exclusive games (specifically went into details that I wanted to know about games only available for the Vita, and that I wasn't referring to games available for both PS3 and Vita) and yet he gave me 7 games that weren't. I got annoyed because he seemed like he was grasping at straws to defend something, that I really wasn't trying to attack. (Even though I know it seems like that)

Anyways, like my most recent comment states...I saw games that look nice from TGS. Soul Sacrifice (like DivineAssault mentioned) and Toukiden look pretty sweet; and the other games that weren't shown in detail could end up being pretty good as well.

Nonetheless, I can tell my opinion isn't really a popular one, so I don't see much point in trying to explain this any further with another comment after this. So, just to re-cap...

I asked for upcoming exclusives, got a response that was mainly not, and stated my opinions on the game/feature suggestions (and also pointed out that it was subjective). I also stated that the features brought up (cross platform, PSN, PSP, and PS1) were awesome, and I love the system for thos reasons.....but again, they weren't what I was asking for, and cross platform wasn't equivalent to new exclusive for the system, at least not from my perspective.

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Exceed2044d ago

I really hope this gets an English release. I loved God eater burst... Especially that soundtrack.

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