Golden Axe: PS3 Pad - First Look

The game has you playing as Amazonian Tyris Flare, allowing you to roam wherever you please, instead of just moving from one battle area to the next. You will also be able to ride on the backs of various beasts, five in all, varying in size and strength.

You will also be able to fight on foot if you wish, simply by dismounting your beast and letting rip the old fashioned way. This remake will be worth keeping your eye on, as if it anything like its younger brothers, then it should turn out to be a very good game indeed.

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Bathyj3757d ago

I love Golden Axe. The magic attacks were cool and the chick was hot.

The new game looks cool but I dont know if its simplistic gameplay will fly these days.

Maybe more of a nostalgic idea than a good game idea. I think thats why I'm not that psyched for DMC4, because these days we've all played God of War.

Bolts3757d ago

This game will be something like GoW on prehistoric bird.

Genki3757d ago

It's a crap shoot.

Good because it's easier to garner hype, anticipation, and coverage wit the NAME, but tough because it's difficult to live up to what made the classics what they were.

Needless to say, they can't release something simple like the old game in this day and age, so it's difficult to know what to expect.

To this day, Metal Gear has been the only one to pull it off gracefully. We don't know what SF4 has in store for us, either.

I hope this is good though, it certainly has a killer look to it, very unique. It actually reminds me of the old Beastmaster movies.

Ghoul3757d ago

if the quality is near the videos i saw lately (2006 footage) im as suere as hell am impressed it looked fantastic on the artistic side and hoefully gets some nice gameplay

TheHater3757d ago

I hope this game have the same feel as the Arcade one. If not, they I will just pass on this.