Ten Games We're Highly Anticipating This Fall

It's just about here – that rush for the holiday season when all the best games come to market, games you simply can't do without. A lot of development time and marketing dollars went into these games, and while some may be a little too over-hyped for their own good (a jacket edition for Resident Evil 6, really?!), there's no question that these games will be worth playing through.

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Relientk772045d ago

Give me

Assassin's Creed 3
PlayStation All-Stars

TopDudeMan2045d ago

AC3, dishonored, NFS MW, CoD Blops 2 and RE6 for me.

ShaunCameron2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Aside from Resident Evil 6 and Epic Mickey 2, nothing. Nothing to look forward to except the WiiU and 2013.

WilliamH2045d ago

Just Assassins Creed 3 for me, maaaaaybe Resi 6

kamakaz3md2045d ago

no wonder you said WERE... as in the rest of the morons who do what everyone else is doing... perfect example, everyone has to have an iphone 5... im proud to say i never bought an apple product... anyway... the list is weak, who cares about NFS... I wanna know why in the world wasnt far cry 3 in there... if anything thats gotta be the top 5 most wanted game this year.... I'd say AC3 1st, FC3 2nd, Dishonored 3rd, Black Ops ( I guess ) 4th, n I guess halo last... but far cry 3 is gonna be the best 1 out there, next to dishonored, and then AC3 comes chugging along even tho it does look insanely amazing... AC's gameplay has always been clunky... im not gonna get my hopes up just cause they changed the scenery, just my opinion, im sure ill get hit with alot of negs cause thats what the cool thing is to do these days, thanks bye!

GammaSix2045d ago

youll get negs because you spout bullshit