Borderlands 2 Fails To Cross Over

In this Wall Street Journal review, we see the definition of old media (WSJ) trying to get hip to new forms of media (video game enthusiast press) with a sense of arrogance that completely fails to understand the latter's nuance.

Basically, this is evidence that anyone can be a game critic regardless of knowledge.

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Pintheshadows2278d ago

Why do newspapers who invariably run stories along the lines of "videogames made my teenager stab the family cat and use his grandfathers face as a snare drum" bother to review games?

Skate-AK2278d ago

Hahahaha that's quite the scenario.

HebrewHammer2278d ago

This guy really likes his CoD and Halo games. My god...

3-4-52278d ago

Guy probably doesn't even know what an rpg is. The Art style is obviously over his head.

voodoopickle2278d ago

just the fact that he had to go to wikipedia for research on the original tells me everything i need to know.

Tex1172278d ago

Editor to newsroom at WSJ: "Hey, anyone of you ever heard of videogames?"

The one dudebro says.."Yeah, me and my bros would play Call of"

Editor: "Write up on this game" Flips it to Dudebro WSJ.

And thats how it happened.