CastleMiner Z sells over one million units

Eurogamer - Now the best-selling XBLIG game of all-time.

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IQUITN4G2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

The effects of Zombies and Minecraft doing it's thing. Castle Miner standard even benefiting from the name alone despite being rather lacking in comparison to the other clones on xbox. CastleminerZ is though at least it's own thing

Total Miner and the recently released Block World being much more worth your time if you want decent versions of this genre on xbox and feature vastly bigger world sizes to Minecraft on xbox for example. Don't also forget to keep eyes on the related Craftworld for xbox and pc which will have an emphasis on rpg

I have most of these type games on 360 including Minecraft but in truth it's only a few that are really good

dvfaa2160d ago

I just bought this yesterday.. it's pretty fun but aint got shit on minecraft

Gamer-Z2160d ago

Its funny my little brother downloaded this because he was bored and then told one friend about it and now everybody on his friends list is playing it @[email protected]

3-4-52160d ago

really? The game isn't even that fun. Well the demo that is.

Good for them though.

IQUITN4G2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Zombies, Minecraft and teens. You have to give the guy credit for doing this. What's funny is people pouring more money into this guy's pockets for unknowingly purchasing the original Castle Miner thinking it was the one with Zombies in it- it's not like people generally know anything relating to the indi channel. Who knows maybe this was the master plan all along to lure the braindead

The game itself though from the little I've played of it seems fun enough so it's hardly criminal

I should add that Castle Miner does offer an exceptional amount of creation potential for those that like massive worlds and generous amounts of blocks. Very good in this respect but in a very soulless lonely atmosphere that can be rather depressing. Certainly unique feel all of it's own in this sense if you like how that sounds