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Undeniably, NHL 13 delivers a cornucopia of content, shaming its sports-based contemporaries with a multiplicity of engaging modes. Accompanying this ambition are the consequential blemishes, forming an unambiguous blueprint for next year’s iteration.

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JRPGLuva2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Not a sports game fan, but I used to love the 90's-era hockey.

mediastudies2283d ago

You should at least try the new generation of games out.

madmad2283d ago

Those were good, but I always loved Nintendo Hockey (with the fat, mid, and skinny players) and Blades of Steel.

RaptorMan2283d ago

GM Connects sounds like it could be a mess with a few griefers that hold things up. Still, I'd love to try it with 750 people.

CharmingMan2283d ago

The online GM mode doesn't have a website? That's kind of lame for people who work all day and can't get to their console.

sharpsword2283d ago

Pretty good review. Shame they don't have all the older players. That would be a instabuy for me.