Some Of Dead Or Alive 5's Premium Swimsuits Are Censored

Over the past few days some eagle eyed gamers who we will not judge spotted something odd about the premium swimsuit costumes that are included with every copy of the Dead or Alive 5: Collector's Edition. Odd as in some are now more family friendly.

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TheLiztress1982d ago

It amazes me on how much some of the DLC codes go for. :(

DivineAssault 1982d ago

no jiggling butt cheeks??? Is that something to complain about? The volley ball game in there wasnt an arcade fighter so i dont think its censored.. I dont care if it is either.. I just want to beat some a$$ & marvel & the graphics

Lord_Sloth1982d ago

And not a single f*** was given.

Main_Street_Saint1982d ago

Pretty sad when the DOA5 bathing suits being censored is considered a worthy news item at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.