Patapon demo hits Japanese PS Store

PSPfanboy: "Those of you lucky enough to have a Japanese Playstation Network ID will be able to jump onto the Playstation Store (via PC or PS3) and download the brand new Patapon demo. However, be warned! This quirky game is best played when fully understood."

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mighty_douche3818d ago

"Those of you lucky enough to have a Japanese Playstation Network ID"

Umm just make one.....

Iamback3818d ago

They should release this on PSN

mighty_douche3818d ago

whaaa? its on the japanese >>PSN<< now! did you read the article or even the caption?

Lord_Ash3818d ago

I haven’t played this game (obviously since it's not released yet) but I fear that they will screw the best part of the game if they release it on PSN just like LocoRoco.

Lord_Ash3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

It's on the Japanese PS Store (which you access through a PC or the PS3 browser) as a PSP demo; you can't play it on the PS3.

mighty_douche3818d ago

thanks for the feedback, i know that already. I read...

Darkiewonder3818d ago

So wait it out or get it now. I'm going to pick it up myself.

Evil Rant Monkey3818d ago

I actually have a copy of this game right now. It's a lot of fun. Lots of customizing options for your tribe. Each little guy has his own stats, equipment, ect.. Everything is in Japanese though, so i have to get really drunk to actually understand it

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