PhysX on Borderlands 2 with an NVIDIA GeForce

[] played a couple hours of Borderlands 2 on PC while waiting for their Loot Chest editions to show up. They checked it out with PhysX turned on to see the difference. How does it compare to the console experience? Exclusive video.

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floetry1011909d ago

I have a GTX 670 and PhysX is taking a big ol' dump on it. Admittedly, all of my settings are at their highest. When things break and melt though, it looks amazing.

Series_IIa1909d ago

Have you set Physx to GPU instead of CPU in the Nvidia control panel?

Are_The_MaDNess1909d ago

get a cheap 450/550/650 as a dedicated Physx card if you got the space and power


floetry1011909d ago

@Series, just did it now and about to update my driver. Should be all good!

PtRoLLFacE1909d ago

i got a GTX 670 OC version, performance wise is up there with the 680 stock model so physx should be a piece a cake once i pick up the game lol

SnakeCQC1909d ago

physx causes more problems than its worth (gtx 670 owner)

pr0digyZA1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

PhysX really adds to "immersion" in this game.No issues, even with a 560ti (granted only playing at 1080p not at double the resolution like others).

You can add SMAA into the game by putting this :
into your main directory

BTW I have seen that people with ATI cards are playing with physx if they have a strong enough cpu, apparently all you have to due is get the installer from nvidia.