Can The Kickstarter-Funded Ouya Console Deliver?

Another month, another Kickstarter project making major gaming headlines. The popular crowd funding site has brought us something nobody saw coming – a new console, in the 6-sided shape of Ouya. This affordable, brushed aluminum cube is being marketed as a game changing, revolutionary weapon in the console market. Its cross-hairs are aimed firmly on what the team/creative militia behind it are calling ‘the last closed platform’ in gaming – the TV. Ouya’s aim, then, is simple; finally open up the television as a modding platform for the masses at a low cost, whilst simultaneously ’attempting to disrupt an established industry’.

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Yi-Long2045d ago

... and what people are expecting.

Will it be able to compete with next-gen or even current-gen consoles!? No, but I don't believe it has to.

Can it compete with current mediacenters which are being sold for the same price!? Ofcourse it can!

And can it compete with PSN and XBLA!? I believe so. Very well even, cause most Android games are much cheaper than the PSN/XBLA versions.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the OUYA will bring to the table once it's released :)

ninjabake2045d ago

It'll be interesting that's for sure. I hope it fares better than OnLive, in fact I think its actually featuring OnLive on the system somehow.

Dlacy13g2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Given now what we know of with the WiiU, and what we already know from the PC space (these are really the 2 most direct competitors in the landscape of new tech) I think it has a tough hill to climb now. And that doesn't even take into account any new consoles announced in 2013.

MetalArcade2045d ago

I agree, we'll have to wait and see...

Yi-Long2045d ago

... it doesn't have to compete with current-gen consoles or next-gen or PC's.

It only has to compete with mediacenters and XBLA/PSN. It will have low-cost games which hopefully are high quality.

Think Reckless Racing 2, and Machinarium, for a couple of bucks each.

It would be a great affordable addition to the livingroom, when also taking into account all it's other functions.

CleliaRivera2045d ago

I have heard good things about Ouya and expect it to charge the indie industry a bit. However, when it comes to playing on a TV, I am more inclined to stick to a console. I'm interested in seeing what is said about it after it is released.

ChunkyLover532045d ago

I seriously forgot all about this thing with the hype of the Wii U and next gen all around. I'd be interested in this just so I can hack and run roms on it and play on my HDTV.