7 Games That Deserve An HD Re-Release

WC - Whether you consider it a cynical attempt to cash in on nostalgia, or a genuine labour of love for old games, HD re-releases are big business these days. Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio is the latest to have received the HD treatment, now available for download on the PS3 and 360, but it’s joined a long list. Almost every classic game from the last decade seems to have either been re-made already, or is currently on the way.

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Relientk772282d ago

Legend of Dragoon

and from this list, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

rbailey2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

This is a pretty good list. I would be surprised if Nintendo didn't make an HD release of The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker during the console life of the Wii U. New games are always better but I would fully expect some classics as well to get fans excited about the next installment in the Zelda series.

beerkeg2282d ago

Why it couldn't have fitted on one page I don't know, so to save some clicks for people here is the list -

7. Killer 7 (Gamecube, PS2)
6. Shenmue/Shenmue II (Dreamcast)
5. Resident Evil (Gamecube)
4. Grim Fandango (PC)
3. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Gamecube)
2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube)

MrBeatdown2282d ago

I'd actually prefer an HD version of the original Metal Gear Solid over Twin Snakes. Not because I have any issue with Twin Snakes... I just still prefer the original. Basically the whole game should look like Snake's MGS1 face camo from MGS4.

A GTA collection is definitely at the top of my list. Graphically, those games haven't aged well, and they could really use an upgrade with less pop-in and all that. It drives me nuts that phones get GTAIII yet consoles don't.

GUNS N SWORDS2282d ago

I've played ps1s version plus, pc and gc's as well. Twin snakes was much funner and harder but it was a bit too up beat from what it was intended to be.The orginal was suposed to have a darker vibe.

However, looking back at what kojima said many times over the decade. He didnt like netheir all too much, with the orginal he talked about not being able to hide bodies wherever you want to. With twin snakes he mentioned it not being as serious.

i guess neither made the cut because he wishes to do somthing new again. And i think i do remember him saying that. Well, all in all graphicaly it goes to twin snakes as it fits perfectly, story and darker vibe wize it goes to the original as it blends well with the rest.

I wish they officaly make an anouncement for something already. People are really missing out.

TheMutator2282d ago


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