Some Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Editions are missing key items. Fans not pleased.

Borderlands 2 has officially been released and fans are already collecting loot and fragging psychos everywhere in pure glee. But some fans of Gearbox’s flagship title are less than happy with how their version of the game arrived, and this writer is one of them.

You may remember the story we ran when the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition was announced, where we detailed what would be included in the $150 special edition. On that list was a special Marcus Bobblehead which would be inside a replica Vending Machine case. This was one of the premier items in the Loot Chest Edition and the reason why many collector’s shelled out the dough in order to ensure they got their hands on Marcus and his wobbly head. Unfortunately, many excited fans opened their Ultimate Loot Chest Edition to day only to find the promised bobblehead, along with some other reported items, missing.

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BatRastered2039d ago

Mine was missing the bobble head and ammo vendor too!

DivineAssault 2039d ago

I just want the chest, not all the other swag... Someone sell it to me

Christopher2038d ago

Just checked, I got everything.