Nathan Drake Wins PlayStation Primary

IGN - After more than 2.2 million face-offs between fierce competitors, one candidate has emerged victorious: Nathan Drake will be the Sony candidate in the 2012 Video Game Presidential Election.

Drake edged out popular candidates Kratos, Solid Snake and Cole even despite a last-minute surge by Giant Enemy Crab and inflammatory anti-Drake campaign ads by the International Treasure Security Guards Union. Drake won 84% of the duels he participated in to come out ahead. After hearing the news, he attempted to shoot a celebratory gunshot into the air, but poor aiming mechanics caused him to hit a nearby rebel pirate instead.

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Relientk772275d ago

Cool, Nathan Drake is awesome. Glad to see that he made it, after all he's been through in the Uncharted games

MattyG2275d ago

A mute candidate is not ideal.

zebramocha2275d ago

Obviously kratos should win,he's a no nonsense kind of guy,everything he plans to do will be executed with brutal effectiveness.

iamnsuperman2275d ago

True but Nathan Drake would take us on some stupid adventure that would most likely get us killed for his own pride. Kratos would just rip apart anyone who disagrees with him (serious anger issues). Sackboy seems the most mellow. He can't speak but that's why we have the Stephan fry voice over. Also he can be every super hero he wants to be :)

nevin12275d ago

How can you take this serious when Giant enemy crab is a canidate? Or am I missing somthing?

Soldierone2275d ago

The fact they are all game characters in a fake poll filled with fake attributes didn't do it for you? lol

Kratos_GodOfWar2275d ago

Man lie women lie number dont U.S and Europe fans know kratos,solid snake, and big boss are more know then Nathan Drake is this a fake poll because I did not know about this? god war 3 5mill and mgs4 5mil uncharted 2,3 3mil each

ninjabake2275d ago

Not to mention sackboy of LBP has more games overall spanning over 3 Sony systems but I'm cool with their decision its all in fun.

wenaldy2275d ago

It's just game character, get a grip.

fabod862267d ago

uncharted 2 has surpassed MGS4... 5.62 or 5.65 i don't remember, so your statement is invalid ;) oh uncharted 3 sits at 4.6 right now ;)

Kratoscar20082275d ago

I ask a recount, Kratos should be president.

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