How Nintendo Is Taking Over The Japanese Video Game Market One IP At A Time

Forbes writes, "As Nintendo acquires more and more exclusive publication rights and positions itself to fully integrate social media into the console experience, could there be a sea change on the video game industry’s horizon?"

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smashcrashbash2278d ago

Well until we know if Rayman,Bayonetta, Monster Hunter etc are never going to be on any other system besides Nintendo's I believe that it is too early to say this. Just remember no one ever said Rayman is exclusive to the Wii U and Bayonetta 2 only came on the Wii U because Sega abandoned it. No one has said anything about Bayonetta never being on another console or Rayman.I haven't heard anything from Ubisoft about Rayman's exclusivity yet and yet people keep saying it. Also with the release of new consoles on the horizon I doubt very much that any developer will give any thing exclusively to the Wii U when they can have money from three different consoles especially if they prove to be better then the Wii U is. Money talks and since Nintendo is not paying for exclusivity there is nothing to stop any one from giving the series to any other console including Sony's.When the next PlayStation and Xbox come out developers will be running head over heels to put their series on the systems too. They are third party developers and have no allegiance to anyone

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gamer78042278d ago

platinum has already said they want to make more nintendo games, specifically starfox. The writing is on the wall for atleast that publisher that had a bright future.

rainslacker2278d ago

How do they not have a bright future now? Just because a bunch of crying fanboys are mad at them doesn't spell doom for them. They could go on to have great success by having allegiance to Nintendo. There is nothing to prevent them from releasing their games on other systems. Maybe not B2 but they seem to be a creative lot.

gamer78042277d ago

you said it exactly right. they "COULD" go on to have success. Where before they were "already" having success.

LX-General-Kaos2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Japan and Nintendo have been very good to each other for many many years now. I began noticing the trend of Nintendo platform exclusives a good while back. Starting on the Nintendo DS entertainment system, which carried over with the success of the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. We the consumer are beginning to see this trend carry over to the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

There was an article posted awhile back stating that Nintendo owns about %70 of the Japanese market. Our Japanese Elite gaming brethren have put a massive amount of their truest into the Nintendo product line. That is how many of these exclusives are landing with Nintendo. Game developers have obviously taken notice of Nintendos dominance in that region as well. Which explains the awarding titles such as Monster Hunter, Project X Zone, Bayonetta 2, and many many more. Landing as Nintendo platform exclusives.

%70 of something..

It would make sense for Japanese gaming developers to put their AAA quality eggs into the Nintendo Brand labeled basket. As one of the millions of Nintendo Elite supporters that makeup the population. I hope this tradition continues well into the distant future, Japanese games are among the worlds greatest and I am proud to have those awarding experiences developed exclusively with my brand of choice.

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rainslacker2278d ago

LOL. Sometimes you make me laugh. But you are kind of correct. Doesn't exclude them from supporting Sony either though, as they also provide a good gaming experience. Exclusives in third party games don't look as nice to developers anymore. They can get their game out and get more sales by going multi-plat. If this generation has shown us anything, it's that more than one system can survive and prosper in the market, and I personally believe everyone should be able to enjoy games regardless of system, and the more people that get to play a game the better.

LX-General-Kaos2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I agree with everything that you have just said as well. But this is just for the state of the Japanese gaming market. Nintendo Making up %70 of that market is a huge deal to developers. In other locations in the civilized world of Nintendo gaming that may be a different story. The Nintendo Elite gamers of Japan speak with their wallets on a weekly basis. Media Create Hardware & Software sales will tell the rest of that story for me.

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rainslacker2278d ago

True. But I'd Imagine that Japanese gamers are just as influenced by marketing as other markets are. Commanding a 70% market share is important though, especially if developers don't have intentions of localizing to other markets. There are a lot of developers in Japan who release exclusively on the Wii, and the Wii U will likely follow that trend. Japan I think is the only market that will produce a significant number of games that are never intended to be released elsewhere, so market share would be a leading factor in deciding which system to develop for. For US and European developers localization is a consideration during the concept stage, thus they have to look more globally at market shares. Even then though it seems the Wii wasn't much of a consideration for them overall. I'm hoping the Wii U changes that as I see a lot of potential in the system.

TheDivine2277d ago

Same reason western dev's go for MS. They own the market. Nintendo invented the market (consoles or at least made it into a viable market). They have deep deep roots to all Japanese dev's, most made nes games and gained fortune and fame from Nintendo. Others grew up playing and getting inspired by Nintendo. They treat developers good which is why dev's like Capcom and Konami (Kojima) give exclusives like Mgs and RE whenever Nintendo asks. Its why Nintendo gets love from Square Enix and others. Same reason Bethesda, Bioware, Cod, and other western games get special treatment on the 360. Many of these series got their foot in the door console-wise with the xbox. That introduced fps, tps, online, and wrpgs to the mainstream. People dont buy a ps3 for wrpgs like Skyrim or Mass Effect, they dont buy a 360 for jrpgs (despite the effort), and they dont buy a Nintendo system for Cod or Gears. They buy it for mario and quirky Japanese titles like TWEWY, Prof Layton, TLS, Xenoblade, Zelda, and Kid Icarus. This is just Nintendo returning to form. Theyve always had mad handheld support and used to have mad console support until the psx exodus of cheaper cd's. The gamecube and wii didnt have the 3rd party support but its returning. Nintendo isnt a fad, they have longevity and deep roots, ties, and connections to gaming. I welcome the return of the dominant core Nintnedo system. Hopefully...

LX-General-Kaos2277d ago

Can't argue with this. Well said

Griffin48712278d ago

The Wii U will do very well, but Nintendo isn't trying to destroy Sony and MS consoles. Whoever said they were doesn't understand the situation. Nintendo goes to work for their own success, and it has nothing to do with the other competitors. As it was said above, Nintendo took Bayonetta in because Sega couldn't/wouldn't hold onto her.

I believe the PS4 and 720 will do well, too. All three will have their strong points.

baldulf2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

The Platinum Games deal was a good move for Nintendo. They probably signed for 5 or so games which would secure good (even if not supersellers) games for the first years of the WiiU.

Nintendo trying to buy back Rare is utter crap, Rare it's not Rare anymore, not even the name is the same.

On the other hand Rayman Legends is only a on rails casual platformer, a great dissapointment and not a good sign of things that are going to come for the WiiU.

ThePsychoGamer2278d ago

According to that rumor, Nintendo wasn't trying to buy Rare to get the developer Rare they where after IPs Rare owned. Ips like Killer Instinct, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

baldulf2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

MS is already making a new Killer Instinct, or so the rumors say, and Nintendo didn't even bothered to publish Conker's Bad fur day in the first place (Rare had to do it on its own)

If Nintendo had any interest in those IPs it would have bought Rare back then.

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