The Wii U Sells Out

The Wii U finally got a launch date and a price point last week, which means we can finally plop down some money to reserve our very own next-gen Nintendo console. Of course, preorders are very limited, and several retailers are claiming that they're already out—especially of the Deluxe Edition, which costs a bit more and comes with a game, extra memory, and some other neat stuff.
That's right, the amount of preorders was limited, and those numbers are dwindling. If you haven't preordered one yet, in fact, you might actually be out of luck. The Wii U is a sellout.

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NastyLeftHook02278d ago

all i hear is negative bs for the wii u! leave it be already, its going to be amazing. look at zombie u!

darthv722278d ago

those that can't are the ones with no interest to begin with (generally speaking).

Its the thing to hate on something in popular culture that you dont own, have any interest in owning or are looking for some kind of personal justification for what you do own.

The hulk isnt the only thing that's green with anger management issues.

gamerben2278d ago

I don't get the hype over ZombiU, the whole zombie fad is really getting tired. And besides that, the gameplay doesn't look astonishing either.

It's exclusive, and yes it's "hardcore" but so was red steel, and no one remembers that game.

Apex132278d ago

Yer baby lol. Like I said no one console maker has it like that so nuff love to all and take what you will from it. And yes I am wavey right now. Menacing for the yanks, I am tipsy lol

wiiulee2278d ago

with the wiiu nintendo has an amazing system on their hands...we still havent experience all that the gamepad can bring to gaming...and nintendo has their online strategies right this time and with third party support...equals a win win...but haters will hate...its only normal

AO1JMM2278d ago

Gamestop still has the 8gb version on their website.

ZeekQuattro2278d ago

Indeed they do at the moment.

avengers19782278d ago

I was there the other day when someone came in to reserve a Wii U, but did not because it was the 8 gig version, they decided to pass.

avengers19782278d ago

and an overwhelming number of them are going to be on sale on ebay and criaglist the day it launches.