Is Linux Really the Gaming Platform of the Future? - It's no secret that Valve aren't exactly thrilled with Windows 8. Gabe Newell has been very vocal in his dislike of the new direction that Microsoft are taking with their perennial operating system. The tablet-inspired touches coming to Windows 8 include a built in app store with the kind of strict, walled-garden approach to content that has been so profitable for Apple.

While you can argue all day about whether Mr Newell's recent comments come from genuine concerns for the PC gaming industry or if he just doesn't want anything competing with the dominant Steam platform, Valve's response of investigating Linux as a potential alternative is certainly an interesting one.

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Xof2283d ago


Has anyone--ever--tried to argue that it is?

adorie2283d ago

No? I'm hearing more and more people in the industry that are interested in making games for it.

Can I ask you why you don't think this could be a viable future platform for games?

thebudgetgamer2283d ago

Valve says they can get their Source engine running better on Linux than Windows.

sikbeta2283d ago

I'm still waiting, there are rumors since 2008 or something, never happened, just a couple of months ago Valve was talking about Steam on Linux and more recently, but that's because the founder doesn't like W8.

Qrphe2283d ago

I wish it was, but it unfortunately isn't.

GamerSciz2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Even when STEAM comes to linux later this year the games themselves still have to be developed to work with Linux. So essentially games will be full multiplatform between PC, MAC, and Linux. Once that happens then yes, I will make the switch to Linux. Until then I am a Windows guy so I can continue to game.

JBSleek2283d ago

Not at all. Why would it be it is an open source technology and Microsoft has 90% of the marketshare and on top of that I bet the general consumer doesn't even know what Linux is and what it is about therefore how can something be the future that has a niche group following.

The counter argument is that it can and will gain traction and be an option and sure that may be to an extent but seeing as Microsoft has some of the most notable reliable software exclusive to Microsoft and will likely always be the leader in that regard, I see no reason for Linux to be the future as it actually has no reason to be.

And those wishing or hoping it is I see no plausible reason why you wan't an OS change as Windows is already highly optimized and what does an OS have to do with the games you play, seems silly.

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