Left Behind: Eternal Forces Now Free to 1st Million

From the article: "Looks like Left Behind: Eternal Forces was such a huge 'success', that Left Behind Games Inc is going to give away the title for free! A giveaway, neat! Similar to our own, right? Well not exactly. You see, they are just giving it away to the first one million people who sign up for it! So what are you waiting for, the second coming?"

Official press release at source.

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Fanboy Slaughter3785d ago

I truly believe that not only is this game the most concentrated form of sh!t and propaganda available legally, but it is also by every aspect a horrible game, with an even more horrible message.

This game is every Evangelical "gamer's" wet dream, basically a "convert or be lost forever" type of deal that Christian Extremists deny in spoken word but practice through action. It's hard to call this a "game"..."propo gandic bullsh!t" is more appropriate, as the game itself tries to convert you during it's loading screens.

It doesn't surprise me that this game is being given away, considering last I heard it's sales were barely in the thousands, and it was rightfully dragged through mud and crucified by the gaming community (no pun intended).

Simply put, this is a game you'd buy your kid if you hated him more than a tax audit, but now it looks like you won't need to spend a dime to show your contempt for quality games.

desolationstorm3785d ago

You do have to spend a dime. Theres a processing fee whether you want to DL or get a retail copy of the game. I checked it out because you know its free but the $4.99 fee to process it made it not worth my time. Not that it would have been, but free Id dl just to make fun of it or give it to someone as a gift.

Proxy3784d ago

Are there even a million people who want this game?

JelalTrueshot3784d ago

I highly doubt it. I think they are just trying to figure out what to do with so many copies of their "brilliantly epic" game.

jinxmchue3783d ago

I'm trying to figure out why people think a new company with a new genre has to be immediately successful with their first game. If that were expected of every company (which it's not, oddly enough), a lot of companies would have never gotten past their first year.