Pete Hines: “I don’t buy a Game on the Promise of DLC”, The Main Game Counts

"Disgruntled PS3 owners who haven’t received the Dawnguard DLC yet are confused whether to buy Bethesda’s upcoming games like Dishonored. That’s right based on the assumption that they may or may not get the DLC."

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NastyLeftHook02039d ago

too bad this whole gen has been a dlc money grab.

Hatsune-Miku2039d ago

The main game is rubbish. It's riddled with bugs

WeskerChildReborned2039d ago

Ever since we got an network and a shop, it been all about DLC. -.-

portal_22039d ago

Wow, he's a real piece of work.

MrBeatdown2039d ago

The real amazing part of it is the hypocrisy. Bethesda signed a deal with Microsoft to promote the DLC's timed exclusivity on 360. They wanted customers to care about the DLC before even buying the game, and now that PS3 owners are waiting for that DLC, we have this guy making it sound like anyone who buys the game with DLC in mind is "doing it wrong".

Reborn2039d ago

Lol, as far as I know isn't it Arkane making Dishonoured? (though, I'd assume Beth may have some power in there?).

Moving on, lol. So when the main game becomes worn out, and the devs harp on about 'expansions' pumping up the community for great content to 'enhance' the 'main game'. Then it comes, and gamers never see it. You expect them to ignore that, and continue on without a care?

Apparently so. Because money just drops out the sky these days.

Sketchy_Galore2039d ago

I usually buy things based at least partly on the trustworthiness of the person selling them to me. If somebody has lied about features of a product they're selling or refused to provide support for those experiencing unexpected problems with the product that factors into my purchasing decision.

Having said that I'm still buying Dishonored because it looks interesting and we're in a major drought as far as interesting new single player games go.

extermin8or2039d ago

Woah, he wants to get into this? He's community guy, he 'advertised' that they intended to continue supporting the game post launch, then abandons ps3 players and makes comment slike that....

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The story is too old to be commented.