A Cry for Demos: Why this generation of gamers needs demos more than ever

"When was the last time you played a demo for a triple AAA title? It's a question that I ask myself as I gaze upon the list of titles that were launched last year. 80 games demos were launched on Steam in 2011. Of those titles, the vast majority of them were indie games. Less than a handful of them were triple A titles."

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BringingTheThunder2282d ago

resident evil 6 has two demos

nrvalleytime2282d ago

And we know it's looking just "okay" because of it.

MurDocINC2282d ago

Wish Steam would let you play for 1 hour as a way to demo a game. But downloading whole game to just try it might not be for everyone.

knowyourstuff2281d ago

With physical renting going the wayside, more demos and access to games must be created if game sales are to be driven forward.
We see over and over sales going down drastically, this definitely is related to the lack of access to trying out games before playing them. I won't buy a game without trying it first, 60 bucks is just way too much to ask on a gamble that my tastes will line up with some crackpot pile of reviewer trolls on the internet. Reviews aren't enough, we need to be able to try games for ourselves. The industry is too slow to react and it needs to change or else game sales will continue to dwindle month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year.

wane2282d ago

Not sure about Steam but Both XBL and PSN are full of triple AAA demos

Soldierone2282d ago

The issue I have with that is a lot of them come out WAY after the game even releases. Look at COD. The new COD is normally already out before the release a demo for the previous one....MW3 BARELY just got a demo......

doogiebear2281d ago

Not recently. There's been a HUGE decline in demo's. For example, I see good reviews for Persona 4 Arena, but still am hesitent to buy because I dont know if it's best for me. I wish it had a demo (especially since most Persona fans probably dont even play fighting games much). Oh well...

Domstercool2282d ago

Is it wrong that I haven't played a demo in years? I just can never be bothered. :D I like going into a game with total surprise.

3-4-52281d ago

If I know I'm going to buy it, then Yea I like to be surprised...even if it ends up being bad like with Modern Warfare 3.

But if I maybe just found out about the game a day or 2 prior and I don't know much about it I may try it. Especially if it's a game that has been out for a bit.

New Games on Day 1 though is Full version & NO Demo.

steve30x2282d ago

A few years ago a producer decided that demos arent needed anymore and most developers followed suit so now 80% of games no longer get a demo. Especially on the PC. I say bring back demos the way it was. I want to try a game before I buy it

GamerSciz2282d ago

You know you play too much team fortress 2 when you think Demos means demoman figuratively speaking...

But yes, I think every game needs a demo. If devs are too afraid to make a demo then why should we fork over the money to buy their game.

Also, a demo is a shortened aspect or small part of the finished game. Not a beta...which is an unfinished product.

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The story is too old to be commented.