Media Create software sales for the week ending 3rd Feb, 2008

Nintendo's highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii has proved it has what it takes, and more! The title smashed records by selling a whopping 820 000 copies in its first week on the Japanese sales charts.

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OC Shock Value3756d ago

Hopefully people see the truth from smash brothers


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desolationstorm3756d ago

Damn I was hoping for hardware numbers after yesterdays numbers seemed to small for such software sales. Though I wouldnt think there would be much more then 100k wiis in japan to sell. Oh well Smash is doing crazy. 1 mil by the end of this week and I really hope the game contniues to sell and is able to reach 1.5-2mil before its launched in america. I just want to see this game sell huge.

PS360WII3756d ago

Hardware sales can be low even with a high software week. Got to remember the instal base is big enough to sell a game well without selling more hardware.

OC Shock Value3756d ago

You sir are absolutely right

The Wii has 20 million sales.. if 10 or 15 million of those ppl got Brawl (which im guessing about 12 mil) that pretty much proves your point.. this is gonna be some serious nasty worldwide sales

shine13963756d ago

It really might show ratio of hardcore/medium against casual in wii userbase.

desolationstorm3756d ago

Shine - I think your right it will show or give an idea as to the percentage of hardcore/not casual. There will be casual gamers, but not the ones who only bought it for wii bowling. Its animated violence but violence all the same so some wont have interest in it.

It will though sell incrediably well and prove that a great game which can connect casuals-hardcore is the way to be a success.

OC Shock Value3756d ago

i seriously think this a True E for Everyone game.. as in Everyone with a Wui juuust might end up with it.. Hardcore and Casual alike.. i mean honestly who doesnt wanna kick the hell out of a pokemon.. or go online and stomp Wario out with Solid Snake..

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