Game Pricing: A Broken Model

The average cost of a new video game in the U.S. is about $60. Over the years that number has fluctuated. Some generations have been kinder than others in this regard. Back when games were shipped on expensive plastic cartridges, these prices made a bit more sense. Today, the $60 price tag is justified by the high development costs of AAA titles. Most blockbuster games take 2-3 years to create, yet most game sales drop off dramatically after the first month of release. Price drops hit fast and they hit often. I suggest to you today, that the pricing structure of the video game industry is fundamentally flawed.

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ninjabake2161d ago

This must change. Til then ill continue to wait til price drops.

Allsystemgamer2161d ago

59.99 is not that much for a game. I mean people spend $13 for a movie these days. Most are 120 minutes. Games are longer. I Atleast want 6-8 hours total (1 playthroughs) for a purchase. Time = money

isntchrisl2161d ago

The article isn't strictly saying that $60 is too high. It's more about encouraging publishers to give their games a price that will stick for a long time instead of throwing it out there for $60 and dropping the price a month later.