Twisted Metal Is Coming to PS3

From the Gamefaq's forums, and confirmed on NeoGaf: Confirmation hidden on Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted. It looks this is EAT SLEEP PLAY's next title:

"ok, so the super gumshoes at Gamefaqs have cracked the code from the Dark Past video on the disc.

The code is displayed with random numbers throughout the video. If you put the numbers together, and match them to their alphabetic cousins, you get -

Twisted Metal is on PSTHREE"

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K33GAN3843d ago

the old twisted metal games were awesome

Blankman3843d ago

reason why sony is d best. most exclusive games cus of most 1st party studios. they have more than nintendo and msoft combined. They can jst keep churning the exclusives out. unfortunately all they need is time

fusionboxer3843d ago

Twisted metal copies like Full Auto and all the other crap out there wasn't cutting it anymore.

What I'd love to see is some co op action in a twisted metal game.

Kleptic3842d ago

The only contender that successfully held its own on the Twisted Metal series was Vigalante 8 on the PS1...and the only reason that happened was because SingleTrac/Incognito stopped making the Twisted Metal games...TM III and TM 4 were both made by 989 studios...and sucked buttsauce...the Vigalante 8 games were cool in their own right...

then came TM:Black for the PS2, which was made by the original guys (including Jaffe)...and was arguably the best in the series, although I was still possibly a little partial to TM 2...

either way this will be awesome...and there is no doubt it will have some of the best online gameplay available when it does release...

NEO_X3842d ago

Agreed I have longed for a nextgen twistedmetal for years now and ive always believed the reason the series has been held back in recent years is because it needed a nextgen boost. The series kinda hit a wall and had nowhere to go they tried going more mature (which was cool in its own right) and head on is a nice little blast from the past with its retro TM feel but really we just need a new twisted metal with awesome graphics and mind blowing physics. I honestly can't wait

Lifendz3842d ago

I loved Twisted Metal 2 but Black was a bit too hard for me. I hope they encorporate elements of the two and give the player the option for a "black" mode or something. Where the difficulty shoots through the roof. Can't wait to play you guys online in PSN.

PSN ID: Lifendz

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Baba19063843d ago

i love twisted metal =D cant come soon enough

gaffyh3842d ago

I've honestly never like Twisted Metal, I would prefer if Jaffe did more epic games like he did with God Of War. But I see that a lot of people like this type of game.

ScottEFresh3843d ago

I hope this is true. Twisted Metal Black was the whip!

GIJeff3843d ago

im not sure what "the whip" means, but it sounds good? i agreed with you thinking its a good thing...i LOVE twisted metal 2 and black.

SF49er4083843d ago

Finally. Every other game in the ps3 library is a dissapointment. hopefully this one will live up to number 3.

gamesR4fun3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

really no ps3 games lol thats just so 07 psss and it wasnt true then either fool

Im guessing you dont even own a console kiddo myself I just hope they get this one right and tap the ool ps triple to the max. Breathaking graphics hardcore realistic engine and a massive online free for all. Not another ps2 game port like dmc4 I want to see this come out has a next gen title.

3843d ago
mikeslemonade3842d ago

"Every other game on PS3 is a dissapointment"

Oh really? Isn't that all systems. No game system has a library of games that is only 8 and above.

thedude176553843d ago

if this is true then i can't wait to see a twisted metal game on ps3. After growing up playing the orginals, the first two were the best but 3 and 4 were not so good, and enjoying playing black, i can not wait to see a ps3 version.

GIJeff3843d ago

3 and 4 where 989's work(gawd i hated that)