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GameDynamo - "By now most gamers have at least heard of God of War, Sony's hyper-violent series of action/adventure games. When Kratos debuted in 2005's God of War for the PlayStation 2, he took the industry by storm with the sheer audacity of his barbarism."

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NastyLeftHook02280d ago

nothing but the best for the best hack n slash game ever made.

Xof2280d ago

I really wouldn't go that far, but in a generation where consumers are getting ripped off at every turn, getting a bundle of five fairly new high-budget, critically-acclaimed games for only $40 is an almost-incomprehensibly good deal.

DivineAssault 2280d ago

cant wait for ascension to complete the series

WeskerChildReborned2280d ago

Ascension is probably gonna be awesome.

moodgamer2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

It wasn't 100/100, beacause, God Of War Ascension isn't ther yet =)