Seth Killian hints at PS1-era character for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Seth Killian, the new Lead Game Designer at Sony Computer Entertainment America, has made several interesting comments that may hint at a PS1-era character reveal for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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iamnsuperman1947d ago

If so (about crash) I wonder how much Sony paid to have crash in the game or Activision have a game in the works for him and so free publicity to get people excited about him again (one can hope).

MmaFan-Qc1947d ago


nrvalleytime1947d ago

Real heroes are never made public.

smashcrashbash1947d ago

Guitaroo Man? Brave Fencer? Blasto?

NiKK_4191947d ago

I think he'll be in this in some way. Not sure how, though. Maybe a boss fight or something. There have been some hints, though, that he'll be in it.

Ben_Grimm1947d ago

Toshinden, Jumping Flash, Loaded!

Lucreto1947d ago

Since Sony's TGS conference is tomorrow we should get another 2 characters.

Cloud or Lightning I expect.

Dacapn1947d ago

If cloud is in the game, I'll buy this game no matter how bad it is.

If lightning is in the game, there's nothing that can make me get the game

If they're both announced, I will not buy the game.

Yes, I hate lightning more than I love cloud.

Sevir1947d ago

LMAOOOOOO the game is good one character you dont have to use at all being optional to your enjoyment would make you skip on a game!V O_O gamers these days!!!

I'm pretty sure this character they'll announce is Crash! They've already made comments about him on the blog. if they announce a second character i'm sure it'll be someone from the final fantasy saga could be Squall, Tifa, Cloud or lightning. either way it should be cool to have them flesh out the cast.

It'll be cool if they announce the final six characters of the game and all the modes the total levels and leave the final boss or bosses out for us to find out.

LinLeigh1947d ago

But you could beat the shit out of lightning with cloud if they were both in it.

FunAndGun1947d ago

You hate lighting more than you love gaming.

BigDollarZoe9541947d ago

cause of one character that might be in the game you won't get this game lol everyone has there opinion just yours stood out as one of the dumbest to me can;t wait to play with Lighting yea i said lol

RmanX10001946d ago

Never in my life have i been so ashamed to be classified in the same species as some people...

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The story is too old to be commented.