Gamesradar review of Lost Odyssey-Hardcore role-playing games - a lost cause?

Lost Odyssey is almost everything classic Final Fantasy ever was, but not much else. Having FF creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu on the team gives the game more credit than your average "new" RPG, and the mature plot gets major points for NOT starring some plucky youth out to save his/her village from a dragon. Design, however, does not an RPG giant make. Ultimately, Lost Odyssey loses to Final Fantasy with gameplay that's dense, unintuitive and a total throwback to over-complicated RPGs of yore - none of which are good things when you're trying to overthrow an accessible, mega-popular behemoth like FF.

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zambrota3812d ago

I gave it 8.0 at Babel

almost every site excepting GT has bashed this game with poor scores.

LAIR scenario all over ??

OC Shock Value3812d ago

Sorry that every single game cant look good.. for those of you real xbox gamers this is an unfortunate loss for you..

BUT for those of you that made fun of lair.. HAAA HAAA..

ravinash3812d ago

Ya win some, you lose some.

PumPum3812d ago

A game with:
Framrate problems
Having long loading times ALL the time
4 disc(havent seen this since ps1?)

What did you expect?

Music and story might be good but theres just too many problems in the way to enjoy it.

chanto233812d ago

are most of the same problems mass effect had and still scored well...and frankly i think this game is 10 times better than mass "defect"...

PumPum3812d ago

Personally one of the main reasons why i enjoy console gaming over pc gaming is b/c i dont have to (or shouldent) worry about graphical problems. (And most of the games are better)

I could just use the money to buy a copy of crysis and try to run it on my ghetto laptop.

The game is a flop in almost everyway.

MS needs to learn to make good games with a soul and heart and not with a fast pace and a lot of cash.

Iamback3812d ago

THis is why i said GT gave to big score, it just shows you how big xbox fans they are.

leon763812d ago

Exactly what I'm thinking!!!

VirusE3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Yawn so much for the gamerzone

lameback could it be that they just liked the game and are a minority in their opinions? No that can’t be it, the plainly obvious simple answer would be the wrong one to go with because it doesnt serve your needs. The NWO, priory of scion, bilderberg group and MS conspired together to use alien rays co developed by Raytheon and the reptilians to manipulate the reviewers at gt into giving the game a good review to further world domination. Not everyone are fanboys like you guys, some people play all the systems and like games because they enjoy games not because they are on a sony system. Why is it so hard to believe that they just had fun with the game? Personally i am going to pass on LO but i am tired of all this conspiracy theory fanboy BS. I am getting so sick of both the 360 and the ps3 at this point. My 360 keeps dying because it is a POS made by blind one armed sweat shop workers that are only allowed to use hammers to put the 360 together and owning a ps3 lumps me in with some of the most idiot low IQ retards on the planet. Why is it that sony only fans are completely ignorant to logical arguments and constructive thinking? Ohh yeah that’s right because 80% of the fan base are under 18, drive fast and furious civics, watch mtv and never played a single video game circa 1996, the other 20% own more than one system or at least desire to and play games because they are fun not because sony owns their existence. BRAND LOYALTY IS FOR FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

kewlkat0073811d ago

"not everyone are fanboys like you guys, some people play all the systems and like games because they enjoy games not because they are on a sony system. Why is it so hard to believe that they just had fun with the game?"

-I buy all 3 consoles - Because of the games the others won't have.
-I play all types of games - regardless on what console it is.
-I may have a preference for certain things - This is why I own all 3.

VirusE3811d ago

Thanks kewlkat007, i know there are lots of real gamers on here who are all about games and it’s just sad there are not more of us. The lunacy of this fanboy crap drives me nuts. Most of us if we met a person who only watched movies made by universal would scratch our heads and think what a closed minded idiot yet when people do it with game systems its okay for some reason!?!?!? I just wish these people could separate emotion from logic and just try games out before bashing. Saying a system has no good games because it’s made by x, y or z is just idiocy. The system a game is on is only relevant to fanboys. If i had the cash i would buy every system i have ever own in the past because each system has had games that i loved. Some how the name attached to the system is more important these days than the hard work and artistic genius that goes into so many games and it’s sad. When i was a kid i was a Nintendo fanboy and hated Sega. Then they came out with strider and after playing it for 10 minutes i realize how much of a tool i had been for blanketing in all the games on the system just because it was the rival of the system i owned. Good thing i gave up on that fanboy crap because otherwise i would have never played panzer dragoon, gunstar heroes, VF and so many amazing sega only games. I feel sorry for those that didn’t get to play drake, HS and resistance. I feel sorry for those who missed out on gears, Halo 3 and mass effect. I feel sorry for those who missed out on prime 3, galaxy and paper mario. I feel sorry for fanboys because they had to waste so much time last year playing junk while I got to play AAA titles all year long.

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