Opinion - Watch Out For Ubisoft's Watch Dogs

With the gameplay demo at E3, Watch Dogs stunned viewers with its impeccable graphics and environmental design, full of subtle touches which blurred the line between reality and video game, creating a world not far off from our own. To break it down, Watch Dogs resembles Grand Theft Auto, but with hacking; other comparisons include Ubisoft’s own Assassins Creed, Hitman series, and Deus Ex.

Inspired by the escalating paranoia about surveillance, Watch Dogs takes place in the modern United States in an alternate adaptation of Chicago. Protagonist Aiden Pierce has the capabilities to hack into the city’s devices and control a situation. Any device linked to the city’s central operating system can be controlled, which creates a list of things Pierce can do. As seen in the demo, Pierce carried out phone hacking, listening in to conversations to gain valuable information, and manipulated the traffic lights in order to meticulously design a car pile-up.

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DivineAssault 2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

hmm... so ubisofts confirms only PC,PS3, & 360 huh? (Sarcasm)

MrAnderson2281d ago

Yeah only the 3 main platforms, HOW DARE THEY!? /s

attilayavuzer2281d ago

Little picture up there reminds me of Saboteur

Gamer-Z2281d ago

This game will be amazing if it stays true to what Ubisoft showed at E3.