Lost Planet demo available on Japanese PS Store

For some reason, Lost Planet had a thriving online community when it launched on Xbox 360. Capcom is looking to recreate that success for the PS3. The Japanese PS Store has been updated with a brand new online-enabled demo of the game. Of course, you'll need a Japanese PSN account to access it, but we're certain that Capcom USA will release a similar demo in the future.

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Jdash243817d ago

its up now, almost done downloading it now......its at 94%

its 231 MB

gonna go try it now

thanks for posting

Jdash243817d ago

downloaded and played the online demo, pretty damn fun, played with a bunch of japanese ppl.......kinda hard to get into a lobby thou, if you have a japanese account, i recommend downloading it, especially if you havent played the 360 version yet

ohhthegore3817d ago

I expect this to be on the US store tomorrow

mikeslemonade3817d ago

Its been up for a while. It's an online demo with team deathmatch and deathmatch. It's a japanese demo but there's a lot of U.S. people playing. And the U.S. people are usually the ones with mics.

Lord_Ash3817d ago

I'll try it just to see how Capcom handles the PSN.

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